Canon patents granted on 27 August 2013

93 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,522,026 Automatic authentication method and system in print process
2 8,522,009 Device management system, site monitoring apparatus and method
3 8,521,831 Data processing apparatus, data input control method thereof, information processing device, and program for implementing the method
4 8,521,225 Communication system, control method thereof, terminal station, and computer-readable storage medium
5 8,521,075 Control apparatus and image forming system for applying a transparent toner in an area where an image is to be formed
6 8,521,071 Developer bearing member, developing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
7 8,521,060 Cartridge with a protecting member and a sealing member for sealing a developer supply opening
8 8,521,059 Apparatus transportable in a cartridge-mounted state for electrophotography image forming
9 8,521,054 Charging device
10 8,521,048 Printing apparatus, printing apparatus control method, and storage medium
11 8,521,044 Image forming apparatus
12 8,521,041 Image forming apparatus with controller controlling an image forming operation
13 8,521,015 Autofocus apparatus and method for controlling the same
14 8,521,011 Receiving apparatus and its control method, computer program, and storage medium
15 8,521,008 Image recording apparatus and image capture apparatus
16 8,520,951 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
17 8,520,948 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
18 8,520,931 Position and orientation measurement apparatus and method thereof
19 8,520,894 Background image and mask estimation for accurate shift-estimation for video object detection in presence of misalignment
20 8,520,799 Analysis method, radiation imaging apparatus using analysis method, and analysis program for executing analysis method
21 8,520,693 Data processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium storing program
22 8,520,328 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
23 8,520,314 Zoom lens
24 8,520,313 Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same
25 8,520,304 Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
26 8,520,282 Optical scanning apparatus configured to deflect and scan laser beam by using MEMS mirror
27 8,520,277 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
28 8,520,265 Engraving processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
29 8,520,260 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for correcting registration deviation
30 8,520,259 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
31 8,520,258 Image forming apparatus, and control method and storage medium therefor
32 8,520,252 Printing apparatus and data transfer method
33 8,520,251 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
34 8,520,249 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same
35 8,520,248 Printing apparatus and printer driver
36 8,520,241 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
37 8,520,240 Work flow execution system and work flow execution method
38 8,520,236 Printing control apparatus and printing control method
39 8,520,235 System and method for storing image and image processing apparatus, wherein each of a plurality of the image processing apparatuses engaged in the collaborative image processing terminates its own respective portion of the collaborative image processing, and wherein a master one of the information processing apparatus controls which of the image processing apparatuses transmits the collaborative result data of the collaborative image processing to the storage unit
40 8,520,231 Record/replay apparatus and method that display moving images and still images generated from moving images
41 8,520,229 Method for acquiring user identification information of destination apparatus under WSD protocol before sending read image data
42 8,520,218 Measuring method of refractive index and measuring apparatus of refractive index
43 8,520,217 Talbot interferometer, its adjustment method, and measurement method
44 8,520,190 Evaluation method, control method, exposure apparatus, and memory medium
45 8,520,132 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
46 8,520,130 Image capturing apparatus and auto-focus control method thereof
47 8,520,129 Lens control apparatus, optical apparatus, and lens control method
48 8,520,123 Imaging apparatus
49 8,520,119 Imaging apparatus and video camera, and method of reproducing recorded information performed by the imaging apparatus or the video camera
50 8,520,115 Image processing apparatus and method for displaying an image to an observer
51 8,520,109 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
52 8,520,108 Method for driving a photoelectric conversion device with isolation switches arranged between signal lines and amplifiers
53 8,520,102 Solid-state imaging apparatus
54 8,520,098 Image pickup apparatus and reproducing apparatus
55 8,520,092 Image pickup apparatus including automatic white balance control capability
56 8,520,083 Method of removing an artefact from an image
57 8,520,042 Exposure apparatus, control method thereof, and image forming apparatus
58 8,520,040 Thermal printer and overcoat printing method
59 8,520,020 Stereoscopic color management
60 8,520,012 Image processing method and apparatus for synchronized input and output of data and commands
61 8,520,006 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
62 8,519,991 Image display apparatus and control method thereof for controlling brightness unevenness due to resistance of column wirings
63 8,519,927 Display control apparatus and method of determining driving parameter for overdrive
64 8,519,613 Organic light-emitting device
65 8,519,383 Organic electroluminescence display apparatus with reduced chromaticity difference caused by light emission from an organic layer including an emission layer having the same color which is continuously formed over two sub-pixels
66 8,519,344 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
67 8,519,316 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using the same
68 8,519,025 Method for manufacturing dispersion and liquid mixing device
69 8,518,733 Method of manufacturing an electromechanical transducer
70 8,518,725 Structure manufacturing method and liquid discharge head substrate manufacturing method
71 8,518,623 Toner and toner particle producing method
72 8,518,620 Magnetic toner
73 8,518,615 Method of drying organic pigment, method of processing phthalocyanine pigment, and method of manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive member
74 8,518,614 Mark position detection apparatus
75 8,518,307 Method for producing ytterbium phosphate fine particles
76 8,518,292 Piezoelectric material, method of manufacturing the same, and piezoelectric device
77 8,518,290 Piezoelectric material
78 8,518,278 Method of drying substrate, and method of manufacturing image display apparatus using the same
79 8,517,537 Optical coherence tomographic imaging method and optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus
80 8,517,521 Printing apparatus
81 8,517,518 Recording apparatus and liquid ejection head
82 8,517,517 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
83 8,517,509 Liquid ejection head and image-forming apparatus using the same
84 8,517,503 Inkjet printing apparatus and method of recovering printing head
85 8,517,499 Inkjet printing head and inkjet printing apparatus
86 8,517,496 Apparatus and method of printing images on a continuous sheet
87 8,517,495 Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording system
88 8,517,493 Ink jet printing apparatus and print head recovery method
89 8,517,491 Printing apparatus and driving method of a liquid ejecting head
90 8,517,490 Printing apparatus and printing method for determining a driving order in accordance with a displacement of print nozzles
91 8,517,369 Printing apparatus, control method for the same, and storage medium
92 8,517,145 X-Ray image processing apparatus for decreasing noise of an X-ray image, X-ray image processing method, program and storage medium
93 8,517,064 Powder filling apparatus, powder filling method and process cartridge