Canon patents granted on 27 December 2011

99 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 8,086,958 Layout determination method, layout determination apparatus, and layout determination program
2 8,086,942 Parallel concatenated code with bypass
3 8,086,776 Device for arbitrating bus accesses and method for controlling same
4 8,086,691 Method and device for exchanging data between mobile stations in a peer to peer network
5 8,086,687 Workflow executing apparatus and control method of the apparatus and program thereof
6 8,086,669 Multi-protocol print client-server communication
7 8,086,663 Network device and control method thereof and network system
8 8,086,636 Data storage system, data storage server apparatus, control method, and program for storing data on a server apparatus on a network
9 8,086,165 Bookbinding system and bookbinding apparatus
10 8,086,164 Image forming system
11 8,086,161 Image forming apparatus which forms a toner image on a recording medium with the use of color toner and transparent toner
12 8,086,160 Fixing apparatus, roller for the fixing apparatus, flexible sleeve for the fixing apparatus, and methods of manufacturing the roller for the fixing apparatus and the flexible sleeve for the fixing apparatus
13 8,086,135 Developing apparatus, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus with movable developing roller shaft coupling member
14 8,086,129 Image forming apparatus and cartridge therefor
15 8,086,126 Image forming apparatus with high-voltage power supply
16 8,086,124 Image forming apparatus
17 8,086,097 Optical apparatus including an image stabilizing apparatus
18 8,086,092 Video image recording apparatus
19 8,086,089 Recording apparatus
20 8,086,061 Image processing device and image processing method
21 8,086,035 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
22 8,086,014 X-ray image diagnostic apparatus and control method, and image processing method
23 8,085,950 Sound signal processing apparatus and sound signal processing method
24 8,085,842 Recording apparatus
25 8,085,771 Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
26 8,085,483 Lens barrel
27 8,085,478 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
28 8,085,476 Zoom lens system and an image pickup apparatus including the same
29 8,085,456 Scanning optical system
30 8,085,448 Image reading apparatus and control method thereof
31 8,085,447 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
32 8,085,429 Information processing apparatus and method for generating print data for a book with a cover sheet
33 8,085,427 Image processing method and apparatus
34 8,085,425 Information processing apparatus
35 8,085,422 Printing system, printing apparatus, and printing method
36 8,085,420 Image processing apparatus with hot folder functionality
37 8,085,419 Image input/output system, control method of image input/output system, and program for implementing the method
38 8,085,413 Adaptor, image supply device, printing system, and control method therefor
39 8,085,412 Sheet conveying apparatus, sheet conveying method, and image forming apparatus
40 8,085,411 Data processing apparatus, print control method, computer-readable storage medium, and program stored therein
41 8,085,405 Detecting element, and target substance detecting device and method of detecting target substance using the same
42 8,085,386 Method for determining exposure condition and computer-readable storage media storing program for determining exposure condition
43 8,085,384 Exposure apparatus
44 8,085,347 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
45 8,085,340 Camera
46 8,085,337 Image-pickup apparatus
47 8,085,336 Optical apparatus having device for removing foreign substance
48 8,085,332 Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling image pickup apparatus
49 8,085,330 Image pickup apparatus
50 8,085,328 Image pickup apparatus
51 8,085,324 Solid-state imaging apparatus
52 8,085,319 Photoelectric conversion device and image capturing device
53 8,085,314 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, storage medium, and program
54 8,085,311 Optical apparatus with motor drive control selected based on rotor position sensor or determined time interval
55 8,085,310 Image capturing apparatus and power supply control method therefor
56 8,085,305 Image processing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, and control method of image processing apparatus
57 8,085,282 Image display apparatus and driving method of image display apparatus
58 8,085,262 Image display apparatus and image taking apparatus including the same
59 8,085,224 Image display apparatus
60 8,085,223 Image display apparatus and its driving method
61 8,085,159 Electronic apparatus including a battery chamber and method for controlling the display of battery information
62 8,085,158 Electronic apparatus and method for controlling the same
63 8,085,098 PLL circuit
64 8,084,950 Drive circuit
65 8,084,937 Binaphthyl compound and organic light emitting element using the same
66 8,084,932 Electron beam apparatus and image display apparatus using the same
67 8,084,931 Fluorescent material substrate and image display device, and methods for manufacture thereof
68 8,084,899 Driving apparatus
69 8,084,782 Light-emitting film, light-emitting device and production method thereof
70 8,084,745 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
71 8,084,743 Sensor and image pickup device
72 8,084,729 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, imaging system, and photoelectric conversion apparatus manufacturing method
73 8,084,702 Image forming apparatus
74 8,084,365 Method of manufacturing a nano structure by etching, using a substrate containing silicon
75 8,084,331 Method of treating semiconductor element
76 8,084,307 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor
77 8,084,287 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, producing method therefor, image pickup module and image pickup system
78 8,084,214 Treatment solution, method for pretreatment, method for acquiring information and method for detection
79 8,084,178 Non-magnetic toner
80 8,084,174 Toner
81 8,084,162 Fuel cell and fuel cell apparatus with a switch responsive to an amount of water contained in the electrolyte membrane
82 8,084,147 Organic light-emitting device
83 8,084,082 Optical member, optical system using the optical member, and method of manufacturing an optical member
84 8,083,562 Method of manufacturing image display apparatus using sputtering
85 8,083,341 Thermal ink-jet ink and ink cartridge using the ink
86 8,083,337 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, data generating apparatus, computer program, and ink jet printing system
87 8,083,325 Liquid ejection recording head having element substrate with plural supply ports
88 8,083,322 Ink-jet recording head
89 8,083,318 Liquid ejection head
90 8,083,317 Liquid-discharging recording head
91 8,083,314 Ink jet head and production process thereof
92 8,083,311 Ink-jet printing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
93 8,083,231 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus with opening conveying path
94 8,083,223 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
95 8,083,220 Sheet processing apparatus
96 8,082,917 Inhaler
97 8,082,759 Producing method for drawn glass member, producing method for spacer, and producing method for image display apparatus
98 8,082,651 Micro-structure fabrication method
99 8,082,640 Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric member element structure