Canon patents granted on 27 December 2016

58 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,532,380 Wireless data exchange in a network comprising collaborative nodes
2 9,532,076 Apparatus and method for encoding combined image including different images
3 9,532,070 Method and device for processing a video sequence
4 9,532,054 Method, apparatus and system for de-blocking video data
5 9,532,008 Display control apparatus and display control method
6 9,531,973 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
7 9,531,969 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
8 9,531,960 Imaging apparatus for generating HDR image from images captured at different viewpoints and method for controlling imaging apparatus
9 9,531,956 Image display apparatus that adjusts pixel gradation values using a lower limit value and control method thereof
10 9,531,946 Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
11 9,531,944 Focus detection apparatus and control method thereof
12 9,531,941 Imaging apparatus
13 9,531,939 Detection apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and control method of the detection apparatus
14 9,531,937 Image pickup apparatus for acquiring a refocus image, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
15 9,531,935 Capturing control apparatus, capturing control method and program
16 9,531,922 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable storage medium for improving sharpness
17 9,531,912 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
18 9,531,911 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and storage medium for storing image data
19 9,531,904 Information processing apparatus, control method of information processing apparatus, and recording medium
20 9,531,900 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
21 9,531,611 Device management system and method
22 9,530,953 Vibration-type actuator, image pickup apparatus, and stage
23 9,530,692 Method of forming through wiring
24 9,530,664 Method for manufacturing electronic device by forming a hole in a multilayer insulator film by plasma etching
25 9,530,530 Scintillator panel, radiation detector, and methods for manufacturing the same
26 9,530,185 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
27 9,530,084 Image processing apparatus capable of ascertaining printing reduction effect, control method therefor, storage medium, and image processing system
28 9,529,798 Document management system, search designation method, and storage medium
29 9,529,562 Image display apparatus, image output apparatus, and control methods therefor
30 9,529,560 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
31 9,529,556 Information processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program
32 9,529,527 Information processing apparatus and control method, and recording medium
33 9,529,340 Robot apparatus, controlling method of robot apparatus, program and recording medium
34 9,529,318 Image forming apparatus with cartridge supporting movable member
35 9,529,310 Image heating apparatus
36 9,529,306 Cartridge and unit with injection molded seal member
37 9,529,304 Developer accommodating unit, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
38 9,529,300 Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
39 9,529,299 Developer supply container and developer supplying apparatus
40 9,529,298 Developing cartridge having a frame rotatably supporting a developing roller
41 9,529,289 Method for producing toner particles
42 9,529,284 Process cartridge, image forming method, and electrophotographic apparatus
43 9,529,274 Chucking system with recessed support feature
44 9,529,270 Lithography apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
45 9,529,245 Image pickup apparatus including focus operating apparatus and focus control method
46 9,529,120 Light-shielding coating, light-shielding film, and optical element
47 9,529,094 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
48 9,528,934 Reflection characteristic measuring apparatus
49 9,527,685 Feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
50 9,527,324 Control device, control method, and storage medium
51 9,527,314 Ink jet recording method
52 9,527,297 Liquid tank and ink ejection device
53 9,527,290 Method of cleaning liquid discharge head
54 9,527,286 Print apparatus and print method
55 9,527,281 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
56 9,527,210 Robot apparatus
57 9,527,083 Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including systems and methods for controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes
58 9,526,464 Radiation imaging apparatus