Canon patents granted on 27 March 2012

76 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,146,168 Program control apparatus, method and program
2 8,146,152 Image processing apparatus, processing flow control method, image forming system, and storage medium
3 8,146,124 Camera adapter for remote controlling a camera, control method thereof, and storage medium
4 8,146,122 Receiving apparatus
5 8,146,105 Image-forming device, control method thereof, and storage medium of storing program to execute control method
6 8,146,088 Communication apparatus and method for controlling communication apparatus
7 8,146,008 System using description information to generate control panel for controlling a network device
8 8,145,997 Method for simultaneously performing a plurality of handwritten searches
9 8,145,991 Methods and devices for optimizing the processing of XML documents
10 8,145,946 Task execution apparatus, task execution method, and storage medium
11 8,145,775 Method to receive UDP response messages across multiple incoming UDP ports
12 8,145,580 Data management apparatus and method for managing data elements using a plurality of metadata elements
13 8,145,460 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
14 8,145,433 High-resolution melting analysis
15 8,145,096 Image forming apparatus having a process cartridge removable from a main body of the apparatus having improved usability
16 8,145,095 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with movable tray for supporting a cartridge
17 8,145,088 Print management apparatus, print management method, computer-readable recording medium, and computer program
18 8,145,086 Image forming apparatus
19 8,145,084 Image processing apparatus and method
20 8,145,081 Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
21 8,145,051 Image pickup apparatus using light emitting device and method of controlling the same
22 8,145,049 Focus adjustment method, focus adjustment apparatus, and control method thereof
23 8,144,999 Image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus and control methods thereof with data conversion
24 8,144,998 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
25 8,144,984 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for color fringing estimation and compensation
26 8,144,970 Determining method and apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
27 8,144,967 Mask data generation method, mask fabrication method, exposure method, device fabrication method, and storage medium
28 8,144,965 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer storage medium
29 8,144,943 Apparatus and method for detecting specific subject in image
30 8,144,851 Communication apparatus, and method and program for controlling the same
31 8,144,404 Lens barrel
32 8,144,400 Lens apparatus
33 8,144,381 Optical system, image forming apparatus, and control method thereof
34 8,144,370 Image forming apparatus, printing method and printing apparatus
35 8,144,369 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and memory medium
36 8,144,366 Populating multidimensional look-up tables with missing values
37 8,144,365 Color image forming apparatus and color adjustment method
38 8,144,351 Print system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method, including log information
39 8,144,345 Information-processing apparatus and method
40 8,144,343 Printing apparatus and an image supply device using picture transfer protocol having a function which checks attribute information of a file object managed in the image supply device
41 8,144,327 Photoacoustic apparatus, and probe for receiving photoacoustic waves
42 8,144,277 Liquid crystal display device
43 8,144,259 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for minimizing program interruption by an emergency warning signal
44 8,144,238 Image processing apparatus and method
45 8,144,237 Image pickup optical system and image pickup apparatus
46 8,144,234 Image display apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and image display method
47 8,144,217 Image sensing apparatus
48 8,144,209 Image pickup apparatus including white balance control
49 8,144,203 Image pickup apparatus including image shake correction
50 8,144,180 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
51 8,144,178 Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus using the same
52 8,144,177 Image formation apparatus and image formation method
53 8,144,116 Electrophoretic display apparatus and driving method thereof
54 8,144,080 Face panel for color image display apparatus, panel for color image display apparatus, and color image display apparatus
55 8,143,776 Luminescent screen and image display apparatus
56 8,143,611 Phase-change memory element, phase-change memory cell, vacuum processing apparatus, and phase-change memory element manufacturing method
57 8,143,588 Deflector array, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
58 8,143,355 Polymer compound and method of synthesizing the same
59 8,143,115 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor using oxide semiconductor and display apparatus
60 8,142,972 Developer for replenishment and image forming method
61 8,142,678 Perovskite type oxide material, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus using the same, and method of producing perovskite type oxide material
62 8,142,089 Image forming apparatus and sheet containing apparatus
63 8,142,088 Print medium cartridge which has an elastic partition member which increases the capacity of a cut piece collection portion
64 8,142,085 Aperture unit and lens barrel including the same
65 8,142,022 Image display apparatus
66 8,142,001 Ink jet print head manufacturing method and ink jet print head
67 8,141,995 Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method therefor
68 8,141,988 Liquid ejection head, recording apparatus having the same, and recording method
69 8,141,987 Ink jet recording head, manufacturing method thereof, and electron device
70 8,141,984 Liquid discharge substrate and liquid discharge head including the same
71 8,141,979 Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
72 8,141,972 Printing apparatus and printing control method
73 8,141,874 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
74 8,141,861 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
75 8,141,792 Pressure controller, valve having pressure controller, and fuel cell equipped with valve having pressure controller
76 8,141,575 Valve and production method thereof