Canon patents granted on 27 May 2008

61 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,380,056 Data recording apparatus, initialization method of recording medium, and storage medium
2 7,380,034 Method of arbitration for bus use request and system therefor
3 7,379,991 System for searching for apparatus connected to network and apparatus employed by same system, and control method therefor
4 7,379,950 Document processing method, program and apparatus for processing a document file in pages
5 7,379,700 Image reading apparatus with rotatable internal and external guides
6 7,379,697 Image heating apparatus with a pad sheet for a pressing member of the image heating apparatus
7 7,379,693 Developing apparatus
8 7,379,690 Image forming apparatus with adjustment of belt member
9 7,379,688 Image forming apparatus including a removable unit
10 7,379,687 Image forming apparatus with first and second opening and closing units
11 7,379,686 Image forming apparatus featuring first and second developer agent removing members
12 7,379,681 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
13 7,379,678 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
14 7,379,674 Optical transmission device
15 7,379,667 Image-taking apparatus
16 7,379,665 Driving device and light-amount adjusting device provided with the same
17 7,379,624 Image processing method and apparatus
18 7,379,248 Image processor allowing shooting at close range
19 7,379,242 Polarization beam splitter and projection apparatus having the same
20 7,379,229 Electrophotographic display apparatus
21 7,379,222 Optical scanning unit and image forming apparatus
22 7,379,221 Laser scanner and image forming apparatus using it
23 7,379,217 Image reading apparatus
24 7,379,214 Image processing apparatus capable of processing image embedded with digital watermark, method for controlling the image processing apparatus, and storage medium storing program to execute the method
25 7,379,208 Hybrid gamut mapping
26 7,379,204 Image processing apparatus and method, and image processing system
27 7,379,201 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
28 7,379,200 Printing system, method for controlling printing system, and computer-readable memory medium
29 7,379,162 Substrate-holding technique
30 7,379,151 Exposure apparatus comprising cleaning apparatus for cleaning mask with laser beam
31 7,379,116 Image pickup apparatus with combined flash angle and focused motor control
32 7,379,111 Imaging apparatus displaying images in recording and standby modes with different luminances
33 7,379,104 Correction apparatus
34 7,379,102 Imaging apparatus with control unit that switches recording medium from internal recording medium to an external recording medium
35 7,379,090 Image capture apparatus with variable image data transfer rate based on operating status
36 7,379,080 Color display device and driving method thereof
37 7,379,060 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
38 7,378,788 Image display apparatus
39 7,378,764 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus using thereof and device manufacturing method
40 7,378,671 Aberration measuring apparatus for charged particle beam optical system, charged particle beam lithography machine having the aberration measuring apparatus, and device fabrication method using the apparatus
41 7,378,668 Method and apparatus for applying charged particle beam
42 7,378,632 Image display apparatus and image pickup apparatus using the same
43 7,378,480 Polymerizable compound, polymer compound, composition using such compound, and image forming method and apparatus
44 7,378,459 Pigment-dispersed ink-jet ink, ink set, ink tank, recording unit, ink-jet recording apparatus, ink-jet recording process and production process of pigment-dispersed ink-jet ink
45 7,378,205 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
46 7,378,189 Electrode material for lithium secondary battery, electrode structure employing electrode material, and lithium secondary battery having electrode structure
47 7,378,175 Fuel cell and small electric equipment
48 7,378,125 Method for screen printed lacquer deposition for a display device
49 7,378,041 Electrode material for lithium secondary battery, electrode structure comprising the electrode material and secondary battery comprising the electrode structure
50 7,377,959 Process and apparatus for decomposition treatment of volatile chlorinated organic compound
51 7,377,701 Radiation imaging apparatus and large-area fiber plate
52 7,377,631 Aqueous ink, set of reaction liquid and aqueous ink, and image forming method
53 7,377,629 Liquid discharge head with filter structure
54 7,377,628 Ink container
55 7,377,625 Method for producing ink-jet recording head having filter, ink-jet recording head, substrate for recording head, and ink-jet cartridge
56 7,377,619 Printing apparatus and printing method
57 7,377,612 Inkjet recording apparatus
58 7,377,611 Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ejecting method
59 7,377,511 Sheet stacking apparatus
60 7,377,506 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
61 7,377,422 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor