Canon patents granted on 27 November 2007

40 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,302,428 Information processing method, information processing apparatus, information processing system, multimedia presentation system, file update method, multimedia presentation method, and storage medium
2 7,302,209 Image forming apparatus facilitating removal of recording material from opening/closing portion
3 7,302,206 Image forming apparatus
4 7,302,175 Lens barrel for camera
5 7,302,173 Optical apparatus
6 7,302,163 Information processing apparatus and recording control method including erroneous-erasure prevention feature
7 7,302,147 Three-dimensional photonic crystal and functional device including the same
8 7,302,105 Moving image coding apparatus, moving image decoding apparatus, and methods therefor
9 7,302,039 Radiography apparatus, radiography system, and control method thereof
10 7,301,702 Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
11 7,301,700 Polarization beam splitter and optical system using the same, and image displaying apparatus, using the same
12 7,301,695 Anti-reflective film and optical element having anti-reflective film
13 7,301,684 Scanning optical system
14 7,301,677 Image forming system, image distribution apparatus, and image forming method
15 7,301,672 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
16 7,301,668 Printing apparatus with generating means for generating a mask pattern comprising a plurality of planes, control method therefor, and program
17 7,301,656 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium storing computer-readable program therein
18 7,301,651 Information processor, printing apparatus, information processing system, printing method and printing program
19 7,301,615 Optical apparatus, method of determining position of optical element in optical system, and device manufacturing method
20 7,301,602 Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
21 7,301,575 Camera and control method therefor
22 7,301,572 Pixel correction processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, pixel correction processing method, program, and storage medium
23 7,301,553 Light source control apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
24 7,301,269 Image display apparatus provided with an ion pump assembly arranged within an external container
25 7,301,261 Dielectric element, piezoelectric element, ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus and manufacturing method of same
26 7,301,259 Vibration type driving apparatus
27 7,301,215 Photovoltaic device
28 7,300,971 Particle composition, recording method, and recording apparatus using the particle composition
29 7,300,737 Process for producing toner
30 7,300,733 Black toner with defined loss tangent
31 7,300,683 Method of forming resistance film
32 7,300,614 Method of manufacturing a resin molding
33 7,300,596 Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
34 7,300,505 Ink-jet recording ink, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording method, ink-jet recording apparatus, and method for stabilizing ink ejection
35 7,300,154 Ophthalmologic image taking apparatus
36 7,300,137 Liquid-discharge recording head
37 7,300,134 Image forming apparatus and method for humidifying in head cap
38 7,300,124 Recording head and recording apparatus using the same
39 7,300,054 Sheet conveying apparatus, image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
40 7,300,046 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same