Canon patents granted on 27 October 2009

65 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,610,629 Access control apparatus, access control method, and access control program
2 7,610,609 Network system and electronic device
3 7,610,598 Recording apparatus that switches decoding methods between data received over the internet and data received over a broadcast network
4 7,610,558 Information processing apparatus and method
5 7,610,452 Data processing system wherein data is stored in a memory and an external storage in parallel
6 7,610,368 Server apparatus, method for controlling the same, and computer program
7 7,610,366 Dynamic network device reconfiguration
8 7,610,353 Image forming apparatus, setup method therefor and program for implementing the method
9 7,610,346 User confirmation for retransmission of compressed e-mail attachments
10 7,610,334 Method and device for distributing digital data in particular for a peer-to-peer network
11 7,610,326 Arithmetic circuit for calculating a cumulative value as a result of parallel arithmetic processing
12 7,610,274 Method, apparatus, and program for retrieving data
13 7,610,201 Method and apparatus for synthesizing speech
14 7,610,169 Regression analysis apparatus and method
15 7,610,021 Communication apparatus and method for preventing interference with information transmitted from another communication apparatus
16 7,610,006 Image heating apparatus
17 7,610,002 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
18 7,609,996 Image forming apparatus having a locking member locking an image forming unit attached thereto
19 7,609,991 Image heating apparatus with an axial flow fan for cooling a portion of a heating rotatable member
20 7,609,989 System and control method for generating an image having a latent pattern with or without a background pattern
21 7,609,987 Image forming apparatus and control method of image forming apparatus
22 7,609,983 Image forming apparatus and sheet heating apparatus
23 7,609,950 Image stabilizing apparatus and optical apparatus
24 7,609,914 Image processing apparatus and its method
25 7,609,913 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
26 7,609,909 Image density test chart and method for determining image density level
27 7,609,889 Web service application based optical character recognition system and method
28 7,609,880 Display apparatus and its control method
29 7,609,745 Semiconductor laser apparatus
30 7,609,457 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
31 7,609,446 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the lens
32 7,609,425 Image data processing apparatus, method, storage medium and program
33 7,609,417 Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, information notifying method therefor, and program for implementing the method
34 7,609,416 Imaging apparatus
35 7,609,414 Image processing method, image processor, storage medium and program
36 7,609,401 Information processing apparatus and method utilizing print previews, and computer-readable storage medium
37 7,609,400 Program, recording medium, information processing apparatus, and printing data processing method
38 7,609,396 Image processing apparatus for determining whether a scanned image includes a latent pattern and a background pattern, and an image processing method therefor
39 7,609,390 Measurement method and apparatus, exposure apparatus
40 7,609,389 Measurement apparatus for measuring surface map
41 7,609,378 Structure for supporting sample to be subjected to surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic analysis and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,609,314 Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and control program for implementing the method
43 7,609,298 Image capturing apparatus, image capturing sensor, and image capturing processing method
44 7,609,294 Image pick-up apparatus capable of taking moving images and still images and image picking-up method
45 7,609,229 Image displaying apparatus
46 7,609,048 Probe microscope and measuring method using probe microscope
47 7,608,982 Stacked type piezoelectric element and vibration wave motor
48 7,608,980 Vibration control apparatus and method
49 7,608,877 Circuit device having capacitor and field effect transistor, and display apparatus therewith
50 7,608,861 Active matrix type display having two transistors of opposite conductivity acting as a single switch for the driving transistor of a display element
51 7,608,844 Charged particle beam drawing apparatus
52 7,608,826 Specimen testing element, specimen information obtaining method and specimen testing apparatus
53 7,608,808 Injection-locked pulsed laser with high wavelength stability
54 7,608,593 Resin composition with biodegradable non-liquid-crystalline and liquid-crystalline polymers
55 7,607,829 Resonance tag with temperature sensor
56 7,607,770 Liquid supply system, fluid communicating structure, ink supply system, and inkjet recording head utilizing the fluid communicating structure
57 7,607,758 Ink jet printing head and ink jet printing apparatus using the same
58 7,607,660 Sheet conveying apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image scanning apparatus
59 7,607,659 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
60 7,607,657 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
61 7,607,655 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
62 7,607,654 Sheet feeding apparatus
63 7,607,652 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
64 7,607,651 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
65 7,607,650 Sheet-bundle spine treatment apparatus, sheet-bundle treatment apparatus, and image-forming apparatus