Canon patents granted on 28 April 2009

35 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 D591,338 Toner cartridge
2 7,526,789 System for the transmission of audiovisual signals between source nodes and destination nodes
3 7,526,500 Perfume information processing device, perfume information processing system, and perfume conversion table generating method
4 7,526,497 Database retrieval apparatus, retrieval method, storage medium, and program
5 7,526,251 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
6 7,526,244 Image forming apparatus
7 7,526,190 Automatic focusing apparatus and optical instrument including automatic focusing apparatus
8 7,526,153 Optical element device and two-dimensional optical waveguide device and optoelectronic circuit board using the same
9 7,526,145 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
10 7,526,135 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
11 7,525,881 Recording apparatus having playlist editing function
12 7,525,740 Display optical system and image display apparatus
13 7,525,737 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having same
14 7,525,709 Scanning optical system
15 7,525,682 Information processing apparatus, print control method therefor, and storage medium
16 7,525,681 Printing apparatus and print-medium detection method
17 7,525,656 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
18 7,525,644 Container and exposure apparatus having the same
19 7,525,639 Exposure apparatus and method, and device manufacturing method using the same
20 7,525,596 Camera including first, second and third exterior members defining the exterior thereof
21 7,525,580 Image processing apparatus, image playing method, image pick-up apparatus, and program and storage medium for use in displaying image data
22 7,525,575 Voice activated image capture device and method
23 7,525,560 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
24 7,525,536 Coordinate input device, control method therefor, and control program for implementing the method
25 7,525,518 Image display apparatus
26 7,525,239 Piezoelectric element, and liquid jet head and ultrasonic motor using the piezoelectric element
27 7,525,235 Optical apparatus having a driving source for driving a lens in an optical axis direction
28 7,525,106 Exposure apparatus, pressure control method for the same, and device manufacturing method
29 7,524,659 Isogenic strain line of bacterium for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate in which polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase gene is disrupted and method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate using the same
30 7,524,396 Object processing apparatus and processing method
31 7,524,227 Method of producing an electron emission device, method of producing an electron source, method of producing an image display device, and method of driving an electron emission device
32 7,524,073 Layered periodic structures with peripheral supports
33 7,524,011 Temperature detection method and printing apparatus using the same
34 7,523,593 Sheet processing device and image forming device
35 7,523,553 Method of manufacturing ink jet recording head