Canon patents granted on 28 August 2007

37 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,263,656 Method and device for scheduling, generating and processing a document comprising blocks of information
2 7,263,612 Communication system and management apparatus and method for restricting functions in communication system
3 7,263,530 Apparatus for and method of summarising text
4 7,263,485 Robust detection and classification of objects in audio using limited training data
5 7,263,328 Image forming system, control method, recording medium, and program
6 7,263,327 Image forming apparatus
7 7,263,326 Paper feed cassette for image forming apparatus
8 7,263,318 Image forming apparatus including an index feature for extending the life of a photosensitive member
9 7,263,315 Developing apparatus having particular structural arrangement of developer carrying members
10 7,263,306 Image heating apparatus
11 7,263,305 Image heating apparatus and fixing apparatus
12 7,263,303 Image heating apparatus and glossiness increasing apparatus
13 7,263,218 Dynamic generation of color look-up tables
14 7,263,211 Information processing apparatus and method, computer-readable memory, and program
15 7,263,155 Radiography apparatus and radiation image processing method
16 7,262,924 Optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
17 7,262,920 Optical element and manufacturing method therefor
18 7,262,919 Head-up display device with curved optical surface having total reflection
19 7,262,877 Image input-output apparatus and method therefor
20 7,262,871 Data processing apparatus and method that notifies a user when data transferred
21 7,262,870 Image processing method for use in printer driver
22 7,262,851 Method and apparatus for detecting relative positional deviation between two objects
23 7,262,830 Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
24 7,262,828 Near-field photomask and near-field exposure apparatus including the photomask
25 7,262,803 Camera with adjustable auto-focus detection area
26 7,262,801 Image processing apparatus having multiple resolutions
27 7,262,800 Optical sensor unit provided with radio optical sensor having radio element and radio communication means apart from the radio optical sensor, optical sensor array and method of driving optical sensor
28 7,262,799 Image sensing apparatus and its control method, control program, and storage medium
29 7,262,791 Communication apparatus and method, and storage medium
30 7,262,548 Image forming apparatus capable of suppressing a fluctuation in an incident position of an electron beam
31 7,262,544 Dielectric element, piezoelectric element, ink jet head and method for producing the same head
32 7,262,524 Bearing assembly, stage device using same, and exposure apparatus using same
33 7,262,391 Image heating apparatus having a heat generation member generating heat by magnetic flux and heating an image on a recording material
34 7,261,414 Ophthalmologic apparatus
35 7,261,402 Ink container, ink-jet recording head, and ink-jet recording apparatus
36 7,261,397 Tank unit, ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing tank unit and ink jet recording head
37 7,261,387 Ink jet printing method, ink jet printing system, ink jet printing apparatus and control program