Canon patents granted on 28 August 2012

52 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,255,959 Content suspension and resumption method and apparatus
2 8,255,832 Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium
3 8,255,797 Information processing apparatus and method
4 8,255,579 Device control apparatus and device control method in video image display system including a plurality of connected devices
5 8,255,444 Method and device for filtering a multidemensional digital signal and associated methods and devices for encoding and decoding
6 8,255,356 Apparatus and method of generating document
7 8,254,819 Image heating apparatus
8 8,254,809 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
9 8,254,805 Image forming apparatus
10 8,254,802 Image heating apparatus
11 8,254,800 Image processing apparatus having a function of detecting a living body and method of controlling the same
12 8,254,796 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
13 8,254,770 Lens apparatus
14 8,254,693 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
15 8,254,691 Facial expression recognition apparatus and method, and image capturing apparatus
16 8,254,523 Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
17 8,254,254 Communication apparatus and method for controlling use of service
18 8,254,042 Imaging apparatus
19 8,254,006 Oscillator device and optical deflector using the same
20 8,254,004 Oscillator and optical deflector having oscillator
21 8,253,981 Formation of a color image by using a plurality of color component materials
22 8,253,980 Data processing device, ink jet printing system and data processing method
23 8,253,977 Controlling share of processing by each processor based on tendency of compositing pixel information in an image area
24 8,253,974 Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method therefor
25 8,253,968 Image forming apparatus, control method, and program for preventing image omission cause by registration error correction
26 8,253,967 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
27 8,253,957 Printing data generating apparatus, method, and program for reissuing restriction ticket according to term of validity and term of reissue
28 8,253,952 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor, program for implementing the method, and printing system
29 8,253,931 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
30 8,253,928 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
31 8,253,837 Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling same and program therefor
32 8,253,807 Information processing apparatus and method
33 8,253,806 Image sharing system, image managing server, and control method and program thereof
34 8,253,707 Information processing apparatus and method
35 8,253,653 Image observation system
36 8,253,325 Organic light-emitting device with microcavity structure and differing semi-transparent layer materials
37 8,253,324 Display apparatus
38 8,253,319 Light emitter substrate with improved withstand discharge characteristics, and image displaying apparatus using the same
39 8,252,614 Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
40 8,252,393 Surface-modified inorganic pigment, colored surface-modified inorganic pigment, recording medium and production processes thereof, and image forming method and recorded image
41 8,252,392 Recording medium
42 8,252,118 Substrate support device and plasma processing apparatus
43 8,251,596 Imaging apparatus
44 8,251,496 Liquid discharge head having resin supply and support members
45 8,251,493 Recording apparatus
46 8,251,491 Ink jet head and its manufacture method
47 8,251,482 Printing apparatus and method of acquiring correction value of conveying error
48 8,251,480 Ink jet printing apparatus
49 8,251,479 Printing apparatus
50 8,251,473 Inkjet printing apparatus
51 8,251,364 Sheet feeding apparatus
52 8,250,762 Method of manufacturing metal member with plurality of projections