Canon patents granted on 28 December 2010

73 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,861,282 Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus and printing system including thereof apparatuses
2 7,861,266 Information processing apparatus and method, and television signal receiving apparatus and method
3 7,861,241 Install apparatus, install method, program, and storage medium
4 7,861,172 Information processing apparatus, system and method
5 7,861,160 Laying out images in fields, linking the fields, and calculating distance before and after image rotation
6 7,861,090 Electric conference system and control method thereof
7 7,860,987 Apparatus for providing service in response to user request and method therefor
8 7,860,954 Device management system and control method therefor
9 7,860,892 Information processing apparatus, history file generation method and program
10 7,860,697 Simulating system, simulating apparatus, image forming apparatus, and simulating method
11 7,860,447 Curling device and image forming apparatus
12 7,860,437 Developer container, developing apparatus and process cartridge
13 7,860,433 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
14 7,860,425 Printing system, job processing method, and storage medium
15 7,860,420 Cleaner-less image forming apparatus
16 7,860,416 Image forming apparatus
17 7,860,413 Image forming apparatus and method therefor as well as program and storage medium thereof
18 7,860,412 Image forming apparatus
19 7,860,411 Printing apparatus and printing processing method
20 7,860,387 Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
21 7,860,346 Medical image handling system and method
22 7,860,345 Position and orientation measurement method and position and orientation measurement apparatus
23 7,860,321 Image pickup apparatus with function of rate conversion processing and control method therefor
24 7,860,310 Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and storage medium
25 7,860,304 Constructing basis functions using sensor wavelength dependence
26 7,860,272 Motion characterisation
27 7,860,266 Image processing system and image processing method
28 7,860,030 Communication system to form communication network for communication apparatuses
29 7,859,773 Driving mechanism and optical element driving apparatus
30 7,859,768 Optical element and optical apparatus
31 7,859,767 Zoom lens and imaging device having the same
32 7,859,766 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
33 7,859,729 Color image processing system and method thereof
34 7,859,723 Image processing to perform error diffusion with dots formed based color component values and their sum relative to a threshold
35 7,859,720 Image forming apparatus and method thereof
36 7,859,719 Print control program, print control apparatus, and print control method
37 7,859,717 Method for setting image-processing parameter value
38 7,859,713 Printing control apparatus, method and printer driver
39 7,859,709 Print data generation apparatus and control method therefor, computer program, and storage medium
40 7,859,687 Detection apparatus and toner detection apparatus using the same
41 7,859,672 Optical element, sensor device, manufacturing method of optical element, detection element, target substance measuring device and detection method
42 7,859,643 Apparatus for moving curved-surface mirror, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
43 7,859,578 Recording apparatus and control method thereof
44 7,859,576 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and control program for implementing the control method
45 7,859,575 Imaging device and driving method thereof
46 7,859,559 Optical scanning apparatus and optical scanning method
47 7,859,545 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
48 7,859,512 Color image display panel and driving method thereof
49 7,859,184 Electron beam apparatus and image display apparatus using the same
50 7,858,958 Evaluation method and fabrication method of optical element having multilayer film, exposure apparatus having the multilayer film, and device fabrication method
51 7,858,947 Image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup apparatus
52 7,858,940 Information acquisition apparatus and information aquisition method using terahertz wave for acquiring information on object
53 7,858,923 Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
54 7,858,315 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
55 7,858,314 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
56 7,858,283 Magnetic carrier and two-component developer
57 7,858,282 Toner
58 7,858,210 Electroluminescence device
59 7,858,145 Method of manufacturing electroconductive member pattern, and methods of manufacturing electron source and image displaying apparatus each using the same
60 7,857,946 Sputtering film forming method, electronic device manufacturing method, and sputtering system
61 7,857,674 Bonding member bonding method and method for manufacturing image display apparatus
62 7,857,528 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
63 7,857,449 Eye portion diagnosis support apparatus, method therefor, program, and recording medium
64 7,857,431 Piezoelectric substance element, piezoelectric substance film manufacturing method, liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
65 7,857,429 Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method of ink jet recording head
66 7,857,415 Ink tank position detection method
67 7,857,412 Inkjet recording apparatus and method for controlling same
68 7,857,409 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
69 7,857,408 Recording device and recording control method
70 7,857,304 Image forming apparatus
71 7,857,303 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
72 7,857,209 Print system, information processing apparatus, print log information extraction method, and program
73 7,856,975 Liquid medicine ejection device