Canon patents granted on 28 June 2011

55 US patents granted on 28 June 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 RE42,509 Document processing to permit sharing of content by plural documents
2 7,971,242 Printing system
3 7,971,077 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for executing the method
4 7,970,817 Information processing device, information processing method, and control program
5 7,970,802 Document data processing method apparatus, and system for sending encoded document data
6 7,970,780 Job log management system and job log management method
7 7,970,617 Image processing apparatus and image processing method with speech registration
8 7,970,576 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
9 7,970,338 Bookbinding device, bookbinding method, and printing device
10 7,970,329 Image heating apparatus including a belt member for heating an image on a recording material
11 7,970,321 Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
12 7,970,320 Image forming apparatus having charging device using magnetic brush charger
13 7,970,317 Image forming apparatus
14 7,970,310 Image forming apparatus for supressing the effects of a band-like toner image
15 7,970,309 Image forming apparatus including a power-control feature for flicker suppression
16 7,970,308 Image forming apparatus with loop correcting device
17 7,970,306 Image forming apparatus including device for outputting developer remainder amount information
18 7,970,298 Image forming apparatus with a control for preventing a reduction in accuracy of detecting a toner image
19 7,970,163 Communication system and control method thereof
20 7,970,139 Decrypting overlapping selected and encrypted image areas
21 7,970,100 Mammography apparatus
22 7,969,977 Processing apparatus and method for processing IP packets
23 7,969,973 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program
24 7,969,793 Register configuration control device, register configuration control method, and program for implementing the method
25 7,969,629 Data classifying method, multi-dimensional interpolation device, multi-dimensional interpolation method, and computer program
26 7,969,622 Image reading apparatus, image formation apparatus, image reading method, image formation method, program for causing image reading method to be executed, and program for causing image formation method to be executed
27 7,969,615 Image forming apparatus and image processing apparatus
28 7,969,612 Image processing apparatus and method
29 7,969,611 Display system and method of controlling same
30 7,969,607 Print control apparatus, print control method, print control program, and memory medium storing the program
31 7,969,605 Recording apparatus and method of controlling the recording apparatus
32 7,969,601 Data communication system, data communication method and program thereof to prohibit certain transmissions of documents
33 7,969,600 Printing of linked data in a network
34 7,969,599 Device managing system, information process apparatus, and control method thereof
35 7,969,598 Information processing apparatus, system and control method thereof, program, and storage medium for document management
36 7,969,594 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and proxy method for connection of information processing apparatuses
37 7,969,593 Printing apparatus, control method therefor, job processing method, printing system, and program
38 7,969,589 Print control device, print control method and computer program
39 7,969,502 Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
40 7,969,500 Optical apparatus having device for removing foreign substance
41 7,969,482 Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
42 7,969,471 Control apparatus and control method
43 7,969,392 Current programming apparatus and matrix type display apparatus
44 7,969,317 Detection apparatus and image forming apparatus
45 7,969,082 Electron beam apparatus
46 7,969,065 Vibration wave driving device
47 7,968,922 Semiconductor apparatus, solid state image pickup device using the same, and method of manufacturing them
48 7,968,256 Near field exposure mask, method of forming resist pattern using the mask, and method of producing device
49 7,967,437 Retinal scanning image display apparatus and image display system
50 7,967,429 Ink tank and ink jet cartridge
51 7,967,421 Ink jet print head and method for manufacturing ink jet print head
52 7,967,413 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection method
53 7,967,411 Liquid ejecting apparatus, wiping method of liquid ejecting head, and printing apparatus
54 7,967,409 Recording apparatus and control method
55 7,967,287 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus