Canon patents granted on 28 March 2006

37 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,020,881 System for receiving description information from a network device and automatically generate a control panel at a controller for controlling the device
2 7,020,433 Transfer material conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
3 7,020,431 Image forming apparatus with different transport speeds in transfer unit and fixing unit
4 7,020,430 Image forming apparatus with reversing section for selective sheet reversal and sheet inserter
5 7,020,423 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
6 7,020,422 Transferring roller, transfer device, and image forming apparatus
7 7,020,419 Image formation apparatus, and control method for image formation apparatus
8 7,020,411 Image forming apparatus with heat exhausting means for exhausting air from around a fixing unit and a delivery tray
9 7,020,407 Transferring apparatus with two or more voltage output modes
10 7,020,391 Sensor device
11 7,020,049 Apparatus using a detected light beam power at a start of change of a magnetized state for setting a reproducing light beam
12 7,019,916 Lens apparatus, projection type optical apparatus and projection type image display apparatus
13 7,019,911 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
14 7,019,909 Optical system, image display apparatus, and image taking apparatus
15 7,019,897 Rear projection type projector device
16 7,019,858 Electronic document delivery
17 7,019,857 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and program
18 7,019,853 Image communication apparatus and method
19 7,019,851 Image forming apparatus, image forming system, sheet feeding source designation control method, image formation control method, and storage media
20 7,019,836 Position detection method and apparatus, and exposure method and apparatus
21 7,019,775 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
22 7,019,754 Apparatus and method for generating texture maps for use in 3D computer graphics
23 7,019,671 Image-taking apparatus and monitoring system
24 7,019,573 DLL circuit and camcorder using DLL circuit
25 7,019,538 Electrostatic capacitance sensor type measurement apparatus
26 7,019,447 Optical-path changing apparatus, and light radiating apparatus
27 7,019,373 Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,019,300 Radiation image taking apparatus
29 7,019,282 Optical encoder
30 7,019,281 Rotation angle detection apparatus and rotary disk for same
31 7,019,043 Decomposable resin composition and method for producing the same
32 7,018,783 Fine structure and devices employing it
33 7,018,514 Method and apparatus for processing substances to be decomposed
34 7,018,020 Structure with through hole, production method thereof, and liquid discharge head
35 7,018,008 Data processing apparatus, printing system, printing method, and computer-readable control program
36 7,017,903 Sheet conveying apparatus
37 7,017,830 Method and apparatus for separating sample