Canon patents granted on 28 May 2013

78 US patents granted on 28 May 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,453,231 Certification apparatus, certification system and certification method
2 8,453,230 Communicating apparatus for performing communication over IP network by using SIP, controlling method therefor, and program
3 8,453,046 Document processing apparatus and method
4 8,453,045 Apparatus, method and system for document conversion, apparatuses for document processing and information processing, and storage media that store programs for realizing the apparatuses
5 8,453,008 Communication apparatus and control method using consumer electronics protocol
6 8,452,944 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
7 8,452,898 Information processing apparatus, method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
8 8,452,287 Communication system, parameter setting control apparatus and control method
9 8,452,224 Sheet conveyance apparatus having movable guide ribs and image forming apparatus
10 8,452,223 Image forming apparatus with sheet transport control timing changed according to length of transported sheet
11 8,452,211 Image forming apparatus
12 8,452,210 Rotational force transmitting part
13 8,452,208 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
14 8,452,194 System, image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method thereof
15 8,452,161 Recording and reproducing apparatus and recording and reproducing method
16 8,452,127 Methods and apparatuses for reducing the effects of noise in image signals
17 8,452,114 Decoding apparatus and control method thereof
18 8,452,112 Image encoding apparatus and method of controlling the same
19 8,452,102 Image management apparatus, control method, and storage medium
20 8,452,095 Image processing for post-processing rate of character rectangle extraction and character recognition accuracy
21 8,452,083 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
22 8,452,070 X-ray image diagnostic system, image processing apparatus and image processing method
23 8,452,045 Image processing method for generating easily readable image
24 8,451,552 Lens driving device
25 8,451,522 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
26 8,451,509 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
27 8,451,506 Image processing apparatus, control method and storage medium
28 8,451,496 Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, printing system, information processing apparatus control method, printing apparatus control method, and computer-readable storage medium for designating a print setting for a print job
29 8,451,493 Processor, method and program for processing data using a mask pattern with print permission parts arranged at a distance of corresponding integral multiple areas
30 8,451,492 Printing apparatus and driving force transfer control method
31 8,451,490 Printing control method
32 8,451,484 Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, electronic device, and computer program therefor based on existence of printer configuration file
33 8,451,482 Printing system and printing method
34 8,451,478 Information processing apparatus, method of information processing, and storage medium for performing scaling processing on image data
35 8,451,474 Method of protecting leakage of information, and information processing apparatus and driver program which implement the method
36 8,451,467 Printing apparatus, method for controlling print job, and computer program for pre-registering condition information relating to conditions for cancelling execution of a print job
37 8,451,464 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
38 8,451,463 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
39 8,451,462 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium
40 8,451,443 Diffraction optical element, spectral colorimetric apparatus, and image forming apparatus
41 8,451,428 Computer generated hologram, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
42 8,451,369 Imaging apparatus
43 8,451,361 Image pickup device and signal processing method thereof
44 8,451,360 Solid-state imaging apparatus for selectively outputting signals from pixels therein
45 8,451,351 Image processor, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
46 8,451,347 Image processing apparatus, image playing method, image pick-up apparatus, and program and storage medium for use in displaying image data
47 8,451,340 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for faithful reconstruction from a tone-converted image
48 8,451,297 Identifying a rectangular area in a multi-projector system
49 8,451,296 Display apparatus
50 8,451,191 Display system, display method, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
51 8,451,069 Oscillator having negative resistance device for generating electromagnetic wave
52 8,450,724 Electrical device containing helical substituted polyacetylene
53 8,450,462 Compound
54 8,450,393 Polymeric compound containing composition, and image forming process and apparatus
55 8,450,153 Package manufacturing method and semiconductor device
56 8,450,050 Method for manufacturing recording head
57 8,450,031 Determination method, exposure method and storage medium
58 8,449,975 Electroconductive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
59 8,449,957 Recording medium
60 8,449,826 Detection device
61 8,449,783 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head substrate
62 8,449,284 Optical element molding die and method for molding optical element
63 8,449,209 Image recording apparatus including cutting unit and supporting member with friction member
64 8,449,115 Ophthalmologic apparatus
65 8,449,114 Fundus imaging apparatus
66 8,449,113 Imaging unit and control method thereof
67 8,449,112 Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus and ophthalmologic imaging method
68 8,449,105 Printing apparatus and method of installing printing apparatus
69 8,449,104 Conveyance apparatus and recording apparatus
70 8,449,080 Base for liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head using the same
71 8,449,078 Liquid discharge head with multi-section energy application chambers
72 8,449,075 Ink jet recording head
73 8,449,074 Ink jet printing apparatus
74 8,449,056 Driving method of liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
75 8,448,940 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
76 8,448,932 Inspection apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
77 8,448,635 Discharge head and droplet discharging device
78 8,448,333 Method for manufacturing wiring board and method for manufacturing inkjet printhead substrate