Canon patents granted on 28 October 2008

54 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,444,430 Terminal apparatus and control method thereof
2 7,444,400 Remote site management system
3 7,444,394 Network data base control device and method thereof
4 7,444,092 Image forming apparatus
5 7,444,075 Imaging device, camera, and imaging method
6 7,444,074 Autofocus lens apparatus and camera system with the same
7 7,444,062 Playback system
8 7,444,032 Demodulation and phase estimation of two-dimensional patterns
9 7,444,031 Image processing apparatus
10 7,443,862 Apparatus connected to network, and address determination program and method
11 7,443,660 Information processing apparatus in which a storage medium is removably mountable
12 7,443,619 Optical element holding apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
13 7,443,606 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
14 7,443,604 Zoom lens and image-pickup apparatus having the same
15 7,443,601 Zoom optical system
16 7,443,600 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
17 7,443,549 Image reading apparatus
18 7,443,543 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
19 7,443,536 Method of generating color separation data and image processing apparatus
20 7,443,530 Electronic apparatus, image forming system, video printing system and camera-incorporated recording/reproducing apparatus
21 7,443,528 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
22 7,443,527 Secured printing system
23 7,443,515 Apparatus for measuring optical properties of tested optical system using interference
24 7,443,493 Transfer characteristic calculation apparatus, transfer characteristic calculation method, and exposure apparatus
25 7,443,444 Image pickup apparatus
26 7,443,441 Lens apparatus and image-taking system with multiple focus modes
27 7,443,430 Image sensing apparatus and method for correcting signal from image sensing device by using signal correction amount
28 7,443,429 Disk recording apparatus, calculating the predicted time until recording is completed on a disk-shaped recording medium
29 7,443,426 Image capturing system and control method of the same
30 7,443,425 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, control program for implementing the control method, and storage medium storing the control program
31 7,443,420 Printing system including a printing apparatus for printing image data transmitted from an image pickup apparatus identified by an approved ID information
32 7,443,403 Navigation control in an image having zoomable areas
33 7,443,392 Image processing program for 3D display, image processing apparatus, and 3D display system
34 7,443,387 Coordinate input apparatus, its control method, and program
35 7,443,380 Display apparatus
36 7,443,141 Capacitor charging circuit, flash unit, and camera
37 7,443,061 Driving device
38 7,442,939 Radiation image pickup apparatus and controlling method thereof and radiation image pickup system
39 7,442,905 Image heating apparatus
40 7,442,753 Polymer compound and block polymer compound
41 7,442,478 Toner and method for forming image
42 7,442,451 Electronic apparatus and camera
43 7,442,406 Electron-emitting device, electron source substrate, electron beam apparatus, display apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
44 7,442,405 Method for production of electron source substrate provided with electron emitting element and method for production of electronic device using the substrate
45 7,442,404 Electronic device, electron source and manufacturing method for electronic device
46 7,442,358 Flaky carbonaceous particle and production method thereof
47 7,442,028 Molding apparatus and molding method
48 7,441,878 Ink jet recording head including temperature adjustment heater
49 7,441,877 Substrate having a plurality of common power supply wires and a plurality of common ground wires for inkjet recording head and inkjet recording head using the same
50 7,441,861 Ink-jet recording apparatus
51 7,441,859 Element substrate for recording head, recording head, and recording apparatus
52 7,441,854 Ink jet print head, ink jet printing apparatus, and method for manufacturing ink jet print head
53 7,441,774 Sheet conveying apparatus
54 7,441,772 Sheet-conveying device