Canon patents granted on 29 December 2015

78 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,226,135 Communication device, communication method, and computer program for causing computer to execute communication method
2 9,225,931 Moving image data recording apparatus
3 9,225,923 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, imaging apparatus driving method, and imaging system driving method
4 9,225,907 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
5 9,225,901 Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
6 9,225,900 Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
7 9,225,898 Image pickup apparatus, image processing system, image pickup system, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
8 9,225,882 Electronic component packaging that can suppress noise and electronic apparatus
9 9,225,878 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
10 9,225,877 Image processing apparatus, method for processing images, and program for performing density adjustments
11 9,225,875 Printer server, printer control method, and storage medium that stores a certificate group which permits printer creation and printing to avoid a risk of spoofing
12 9,225,873 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
13 9,225,870 Data conversion apparatus, recording apparatus including the data conversion apparatus, and data conversion method
14 9,225,867 Image reading apparatus
15 9,225,855 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and control method for increasing accuracy when determining an imaging scene based on input image data and information stored in an external information processing apparatus
16 9,225,713 System, control method, and storage medium
17 9,225,547 Apparatus, method, and medium for controlling transmission of data
18 9,225,352 Signal transmission system, photoelectric conversion apparatus, and image pickup system
19 9,225,178 Charging apparatus
20 9,224,777 Solid-state image pickup device and method for manufacturing solid-state image pickup device
21 9,224,776 Image pickup element, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
22 9,224,774 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system using solid-state image pickup apparatus
23 9,224,771 Imaging apparatus using control electrode to perform focal point detection with phase difference detection type
24 9,224,767 Method for driving photoelectric conversion apparatus
25 9,224,766 Image pickup apparatus capable of controlling exposure during motion with high shutter speed, including amplification of a signal obtained as a result of accumulating electric charge, control method therefor, and storage medium
26 9,224,428 Recording apparatus and control method thereof
27 9,224,381 Audio signal processing apparatus and audio signal processing system
28 9,224,279 Tour monitoring device
29 9,224,212 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 9,224,193 Focus stacking image processing apparatus, imaging system, and image processing system
31 9,224,037 Apparatus and method for controlling presentation of information toward human object
32 9,223,768 Document management apparatus and document management method
33 9,223,763 Document generation apparatus, method, and storage medium
34 9,223,532 Devices, systems, and methods for communicating with an image-forming device
35 9,223,526 Apparatus, method, and storage medium
36 9,223,524 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
37 9,223,521 Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method
38 9,223,290 Image forming apparatus
39 9,223,282 Image forming apparatus
40 9,223,278 Image forming apparatus that performs gradation correction
41 9,223,276 Printing apparatus, printing apparatus control method, and storage medium for generating new paper information
42 9,223,275 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium storing program
43 9,223,274 Printing apparatus, method for controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
44 9,223,269 Drive transmission device, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
45 9,223,267 Image forming system, control method, and program
46 9,223,266 Image heating apparatus including an endless belt configured and positioned to heat a toner image on a sheet
47 9,223,265 Image forming apparatus with option device detection and fixing warm up mode selection
48 9,223,264 Image heating apparatus
49 9,223,263 Image forming apparatus with a fixing device having regulating member to regulate an edge or end of a sheet when entering a back side of a guide member
50 9,223,254 Image forming apparatus
51 9,223,252 Developing apparatus
52 9,223,247 Image forming apparatus
53 9,223,246 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
54 9,223,242 Image forming apparatus
55 9,223,241 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
56 9,223,240 Toner
57 9,223,233 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
58 9,223,232 Method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
59 9,223,191 Attachment for strap
60 9,223,146 Optical apparatus and image-pickup apparatus including the same
61 9,223,132 Optical scanning device, method for manufacturing the optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
62 9,223,122 Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
63 9,223,119 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
64 9,223,059 Benzocyclobutene compound, organic-inorganic composite particle, cross-linked organic-inorganic composite particle, organic-inorganic composite composition, cross-linked organic-inorganic composite composition, and optical device utilizing the same
65 9,222,996 Needle placement manipulator with two rotary guides
66 9,222,899 X-ray talbot interferometer and X-ray imaging system including talbot interferometer
67 9,222,882 Measurement system that estimates reflection characteristics of a target object and control method thereof
68 9,221,645 Image forming apparatus accounting for user body height
69 9,221,635 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
70 9,221,291 Sheet binding processing apparatus and image forming system having the same
71 9,221,259 Liquid ejection head and manufacturing method thereof
72 9,221,258 Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection device and method of electrically connecting liquid ejection head and liquid container
73 9,221,257 Liquid ejection head and recording apparatus
74 9,221,196 Method of manufacturing optical component and apparatus for manufacturing optical component
75 9,221,176 Robot system and method for controlling the same
76 9,221,174 Robot controlling device, robot apparatus, robot control method, program for executing robot control method, and recording medium on which program is recorded
77 9,221,056 Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including systems and methods for controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes
78 9,221,023 Liquid mixing apparatus