Canon patents granted on 29 June 2010

49 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,748,020 Receiving apparatus and method for processing interruptions in streaming broadcasts
2 7,747,863 Image processing apparatus and its method
3 7,747,783 Method and device for communicating a message on a network and systems using them
4 7,747,779 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and medium storing therein program for executing the method
5 7,747,668 Product-sum operation circuit and method
6 7,747,621 Generating a relation diagram of data files
7 7,747,204 Developing roller, developing assembly, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
8 7,747,191 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
9 7,747,181 Image forming apparatus and detachable developer container with wireless communication therebetween
10 7,747,159 Focusing device and image-capturing device provided with the same
11 7,747,153 Camera having an image blur reducing function and rotation means
12 7,747,149 Optical apparatus having image-blur correction/reduction system
13 7,747,135 Image display system, image reproducing apparatus, digital television apparatus, image display method, and storage medium
14 7,747,108 Image processing apparatus and its method
15 7,747,077 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
16 7,747,036 Document processing using embedded document information
17 7,746,772 Information processing apparatus and method
18 7,746,752 Servo controlling method of optical information processing apparatus and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
19 7,746,575 Support mechanism, exposure apparatus having the same, and aberration reducing method
20 7,746,561 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
21 7,746,526 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for generating a color separation table used in converting an image signal for the amount of a colorant
22 7,746,507 Image processing apparatus for image retrieval and control method therefor
23 7,746,504 Image forming apparatus and method which perform smoothing processing
24 7,746,499 Color image processing apparatus and method
25 7,746,495 Image reading device and image processing method utilizing the same
26 7,746,494 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, printer driver, print control apparatus, print control method, and printing system
27 7,746,493 Job management apparatus and method of recognizing job completion, and control program used therewith
28 7,746,491 Information processing method and apparatus
29 7,746,479 Wavefront-aberration measuring device and exposure apparatus including the device
30 7,746,413 Operation screen controlling method, operation screen controlling program, and display device
31 7,746,403 Image capturing apparatus having a plurality of focus detention devices and control method therefor
32 7,746,370 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
33 7,746,366 Multi-beam image output apparatus and method using a small number of pixel clock generation units
34 7,746,361 Method of realising a boundary of a rotated object
35 7,746,338 Scanning circuit and image display device
36 7,746,332 Method and device for decoding an image
37 7,746,326 Coordinate input apparatus and its control method
38 7,746,049 Power supply device and recording apparatus
39 7,745,791 Detecting apparatus, and detecting method
40 7,745,247 Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
41 7,745,089 Process for producing toner, and toner
42 7,745,088 Non-magnetic toner
43 7,745,083 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
44 7,745,059 Fuel cells cartridge and electric apparatus having built-in fuel cell
45 7,744,978 Resin molding
46 7,744,731 Sputtering apparatus of forming thin film
47 7,744,187 Recording apparatus
48 7,744,081 Image forming apparatus
49 7,743,503 Method for manufacturing inkjet head