Canon patents granted on 29 March 2011

72 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 7,917,850 Document managing system and method thereof
2 7,917,304 Spotter provided with spot pattern encryption function and detection device coping with spot pattern encryption
3 7,917,069 Development apparatus including a first developer member made of pure aluminum or an aluminum alloy and a second developer member of stainless steel
4 7,917,066 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
5 7,917,063 Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
6 7,917,047 Image forming apparatus
7 7,917,044 Consumable component selection based on operational environment or condition
8 7,917,025 Image pickup apparatus
9 7,917,007 Automatic track generation
10 7,916,962 Data transforming apparatus and control method thereof
11 7,916,955 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
12 7,916,954 Image encoding apparatus and control method thereof
13 7,916,946 Image processing apparatus for identifying and classifying an object in an image, method of controlling same, and computer-readable storage medium storing a computer program for controlling same
14 7,916,923 Medical image forming method and apparatus with grayscale conversion processing
15 7,916,835 X-ray imaging apparatus, control method for X-ray imaging apparatus, program, and storage medium
16 7,916,785 Image processing apparatus and method
17 7,916,733 Data communication apparatus, data communication method, program, and storage medium
18 7,916,665 Method and device for building of a network coding scheme for data transmission, corresponding computer program product and storage means
19 7,916,608 Recording apparatus
20 7,916,497 Printed circuit board and differential signaling structure
21 7,916,394 Diffractive optical element and optical system using the same
22 7,916,375 Optical scanning apparatus and method for adjusting the same
23 7,916,372 Movable body apparatus and optical deflector using the movable body apparatus
24 7,916,366 Image forming apparatus and image processing method therefor
25 7,916,365 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus with white light emitting color correction elements
26 7,916,357 Image reading apparatus
27 7,916,352 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
28 7,916,342 Print control apparatus and method
29 7,916,341 Generating an Interim Connection Space for spectral data
30 7,916,340 Print system, an image supply apparatus and control methods thereof
31 7,916,339 Print layout and apparatus and method
32 7,916,337 Printing apparatus, external apparatus, printing system and control method for printing apparatus
33 7,916,334 Print managing apparatus, print managing method, and computer program
34 7,916,332 Document processing apparatus and a method for controlling a document processing apparatus
35 7,916,330 Driver selection for printer drawing conversion
36 7,916,327 Apparatus, method, and program for automatically generating a set of possible print job workflows and selecting a most secure print job workflow from the set of possible print job workflows
37 7,916,325 Printing system with tray selection substitution
38 7,916,324 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
39 7,916,321 Document processing apparatus and document processing method
40 7,916,318 Image forming system and image forming method
41 7,916,315 Method and apparatus for executing load distributed printing
42 7,916,313 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
43 7,916,283 Biological information imaging apparatus, biological information analyzing method, and biological information imaging method
44 7,916,273 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
45 7,916,271 Apparatus and method for specifying correlation, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
46 7,916,217 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
47 7,916,206 Focus detection apparatus and focusing control apparatus utilizing photoelectric converting element output
48 7,916,189 Image processing apparatus and method for color-noise reduction
49 7,916,184 Moving image processing apparatus and method for acquiring moving image data and performing display control
50 7,916,173 Method for detecting and selecting good quality image frames from video
51 7,916,172 Image pickup apparatus with object tracking capability
52 7,915,812 Organic light-emitting device and display apparatus
53 7,915,787 Actuator
54 7,915,589 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, its controlling method, and storage medium storing its program
55 7,915,573 Photoelectric converter and X-ray image pick-up device
56 7,915,053 Substrate for target substance detecting device, target substance detecting device, target substance detecting apparatus and method using the same, and kit therefor
57 7,915,030 Method and molecular diagnostic device for detection, analysis and identification of genomic DNA
58 7,914,944 Atmosphere open type fuel cell
59 7,914,936 Fuel cell system
60 7,914,909 Organic electroluminescent device
61 7,914,907 Light-emitting device
62 7,914,663 Structure, porous body, sensor, process of structure and detecting method for specimen
63 7,914,616 Method for producing liquid composition and pigment particles and ink composition for ink jet recording
64 7,914,357 Airtight container and manufacturing method of image displaying apparatus using airtight container
65 7,914,146 Ophthalmological photographic apparatus
66 7,914,137 Ink container for ink jet printer, holder for the container, carriage for the holder, and ink jet printer
67 7,914,106 Recording head and recording apparatus, and inspection apparatus of recording head and method thereof
68 7,914,102 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
69 7,914,101 Ink jet printing apparatus with ink stirring by carriage reciprocation
70 7,914,095 Head element substrate, recording head, and recording apparatus
71 7,913,996 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
72 7,913,991 Printing apparatus and printing medium feeding method