Canon patents granted on 29 September 2009

44 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,596,750 Data processing method, program, and information processor
2 7,596,746 Information processing method and apparatus, and computer-readable program
3 7,596,590 Image communication apparatus and method
4 7,596,580 Document management apparatus
5 7,596,349 Recording material, smoothing system, and image-forming system
6 7,596,348 Image heating apparatus
7 7,596,345 Image forming apparatus with a developer comprising at least a toner and a first external additive
8 7,596,342 Drive transmission device and image forming apparatus equipped with the device
9 7,596,339 Image forming apparatus including an interchangeable engine and an interchangeable paper feeding and outputting system
10 7,596,336 Image forming apparatus for transmitting a control program to a plurality of sheet processing devices, and an image forming system
11 7,596,331 Image forming apparatus
12 7,596,271 Image processing system and image processing method
13 7,596,186 Devices and methods of modulation and demodulation enabling the extension or replacement of a communications link, corresponding sender and receiver
14 7,596,166 Integrated circuit device including a spectrum spread clock generator, method for controlling the device, and ink-jet recording apparatus including the device
15 7,596,136 Data communication apparatus, data communication method, program, and storage medium
16 7,595,945 Lens apparatus and image-taking apparatus
17 7,595,937 Lens apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
18 7,595,936 Zoom lens system and camera having the same
19 7,595,918 Transparent original reading apparatus and illuminating apparatus for reading apparatus
20 7,595,912 Image forming system and method
21 7,595,908 Printer control apparatus and method
22 7,595,906 Calibration method for density in image forming apparatus
23 7,595,905 Method and device for issuing tickets to clients based on registration and restoration once a shutdown occurs
24 7,595,901 Imaging apparatus, system having imaging apparatus and printing apparatus, and control method therefor
25 7,595,900 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
26 7,595,862 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
27 7,595,861 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
28 7,595,848 Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
29 7,595,835 Image sensing apparatus having an alien substance removing unit and control method thereof
30 7,595,834 Camera system with display for displaying superimposed information
31 7,595,833 Visualizing camera position in recorded video
32 7,595,831 Imaging apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, and radiation imaging system
33 7,595,821 Solid-state image pickup device and camera using the same
34 7,595,807 Color processing method and its apparatus
35 7,595,546 Printed circuit board
36 7,595,493 Radiation detecting apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, scintillator panel and radiation detecting system
37 7,595,475 Image-pickup apparatus having a focus controller and an exposure controller
38 7,595,474 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, photoelectric conversion system, and method of driving the same
39 7,594,853 Control apparatus and method for games and others
40 7,594,720 Recording apparatus
41 7,594,719 Mailing ink, and ink tank for mailing, ink jet recording method for mailing and ink jet recording apparatus for mailing using the same
42 7,594,711 Recording apparatus
43 7,594,654 Sheet conveyor and image formation device with shaped belt platen
44 7,594,645 Sheet processing device and image formation apparatus