Canon patents granted on 29 September 2015

74 US patents granted on 29 September 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 RE45,692 Automatic focusing apparatus and image pickup apparatus
2 9,148,779 Device capable of safely communicating device information, communication control method therefor, and storage medium
3 9,148,747 Communication apparatus, method for controlling communication apparatus, and storage medium
4 9,148,590 Imaging apparatus with reference signals having different rate of change first and second pixels having same color
5 9,148,578 Image capture apparatus, control method thereof, and recording medium
6 9,148,575 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
7 9,148,561 Image capturing apparatus, executable autoexposure bracketing and control method thereof
8 9,148,557 Focus adjustment apparatus and method, and image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
9 9,148,552 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, non-transitory storage medium storing image processing program and image processing method
10 9,148,542 Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, and program
11 9,148,541 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
12 9,148,540 Image forming apparatus, controlling method therefor, and storage medium
13 9,148,539 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
14 9,148,536 Display control apparatus and display control method
15 9,148,529 Information processing apparatus, web server, control method and storage medium
16 9,148,527 Facsimile apparatus capable of outputting communication tones, control method therefor, and storage medium
17 9,148,526 Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, method for controlling image processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
18 9,148,076 Method for driving ultrasonic motor, ultrasonic motor, and robot arm
19 9,147,830 Oriented piezoelectric ceramic, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device
20 9,147,742 Heat treatment apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
21 9,147,709 Solid-state image sensor and camera
22 9,147,708 Solid-state image sensor and camera
23 9,147,266 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
24 9,147,256 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
25 9,147,247 Three-dimensional measurement apparatus, three-dimensional measurement method, and storage medium
26 9,147,169 Method and device for learning of a classifier, and processing apparatus
27 9,147,140 Image processing apparatus, method, and product for converting image data into fewer gradations based on total value of pixels in a group except for a detected pixel having a specific value
28 9,147,138 Method, apparatus and system for rendering an image based on cost of tracking band edges
29 9,147,135 Image forming device, image forming method and program
30 9,147,130 Information processing method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium for identifying a class of an object by using a plurality of discriminators
31 9,147,107 Facial expression recognition apparatus, image sensing apparatus, facial expression recognition method, and computer-readable storage medium
32 9,147,105 Image recognizing apparatus, image recognizing method, and program
33 9,147,098 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program storage medium
34 9,146,781 Web service system, server management apparatus, and web service providing method
35 9,146,700 Information processing system having image forming apparatus capable of controlling print data obtainment timing, control method therefor, and storage medium
36 9,146,699 System for controlling total power consumption of plural apparatuses and control method thereof
37 9,146,578 Coating apparatus, method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member and method for mass-producing electrophotographic photosensitive members
38 9,146,530 Image forming apparatus having a movable connector
39 9,146,526 Unit, cleaning unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
40 9,146,522 Image forming apparatus, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
41 9,146,520 Image forming apparatus
42 9,146,516 Image forming apparatus that performs inspection of printed matter, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
43 9,146,515 Image forming apparatus
44 9,146,514 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for correcting registration deviation
45 9,146,513 Image forming apparatus and image processing method having tone correction
46 9,146,507 Image forming apparatus with voltage adjustment
47 9,146,503 Developer accommodating unit, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
48 9,146,500 Developer accommodating unit
49 9,146,492 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
50 9,146,490 Image forming apparatus having duel color image forming control modes
51 9,146,489 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium
52 9,146,486 Toner
53 9,146,485 Magenta toner and method for producing the same
54 9,146,482 Electroconductive member for electrophotography, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
55 9,146,461 Method of making nozzle chip
56 9,146,449 Imaging lens-exchangeable image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
57 9,146,399 Observation optical system
58 9,146,388 Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same
59 9,146,387 Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same
60 9,146,305 Subject information acquiring apparatus and subject information acquiring method
61 9,145,473 Optical member, polyimide, method for manufacturing optical member, and method for producing polyimide
62 9,145,382 Organic compound and electrochromic device using the same
63 9,145,344 Organic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
64 9,145,022 Image recording method
65 9,145,013 Method for printing and printing sheet used for the method
66 9,144,981 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
67 9,144,978 Printhead substrate and printing apparatus
68 9,144,971 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic apparatus
69 9,144,968 Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
70 9,144,915 Sheet processing device and image forming system
71 9,144,380 Adaptive optical apparatus, image obtaining apparatus, method for controlling adaptive optical apparatus, and storage medium
72 9,144,378 Optical coherence tomography apparatus, optical coherence tomography method, ophthalmic apparatus, method of controlling ophthalmic apparatus, and storage medium
73 9,144,370 Mechanical structure of articulated sheath
74 9,144,308 Image forming apparatus