Canon patents granted on 30 July 2013

41 US patents granted on 30 July 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,499,310 Information processing apparatus, device setup method and storage medium for carrying out a device setup on a network
2 8,499,109 Data reproducing apparatus, content management method, program, and storage medium
3 8,499,006 Data migration system and data migration method
4 8,498,546 Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
5 8,498,530 Detection apparatus and method
6 8,498,529 Interchangeable lens and camera system having the same
7 8,498,475 Image processing apparatus, control method and computer-readable medium
8 8,498,030 Image scanning apparatus for light integrating and predicting signals
9 8,498,029 Apparatus and method for reading color chart and computer-readable storage medium
10 8,498,024 Image processing apparatus, method, and storage medium for information processing according to information on a scanned sheet
11 8,498,016 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
12 8,498,011 Image forming apparatus and control method for dynamically adjusting rendering speed and printing speed
13 8,498,007 Image forming apparatus
14 8,498,004 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling image processing apparatus
15 8,498,002 Information processing apparatus capable of customizing device driver, information processing method, and control program
16 8,497,999 Information processing apparatus and method for displaying a preview image
17 8,497,998 Printing system using media integrated information, an information update method thereof, and a storage medium storing a program therefor
18 8,497,995 Measurement apparatus and method for measuring surface shape and roughness
19 8,497,978 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
20 8,497,974 Exhaust apparatus, processing apparatus, and device manufacturing method
21 8,497,941 Broadcast receiving apparatus for receiving digital broadcasting and broadcast receiving method
22 8,497,929 Auto focusing apparatus and auto focusing method, and image sensing apparatus
23 8,497,922 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
24 8,497,921 Image pickup device and image pickup system
25 8,497,919 Imaging apparatus and control method thereof for controlling a display of an image and an imaging condition
26 8,497,918 Image capture apparatus and control method thereof
27 8,497,915 Apparatus having image shake correction function and method of controlling the same and image shake correction apparatus used for optical apparatus
28 8,497,913 Image pickup apparatus with an inclination guide display
29 8,497,885 Display apparatus and drive method thereof
30 8,497,867 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, display processing method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
31 8,497,498 Display device
32 8,497,485 Imaging apparatus
33 8,497,469 Rotary encoder that detects rotation angle
34 8,497,458 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system for detecting a value of signals output from a plurality of pixels
35 8,497,056 Magenta toner
36 8,497,054 Toner
37 8,496,462 Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
38 8,496,389 Shutter device
39 8,496,330 Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
40 8,496,315 Registration adjustment value determination method, recording system, and registration adjustment method
41 8,496,311 Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method