Canon patents granted on 30 March 2010

74 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,690,047 Scanning probe apparatus
2 7,690,046 Drive stage for scanning probe apparatus, and scanning probe apparatus
3 7,690,028 Image communication apparatus
4 7,690,019 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
5 7,690,018 Data processing apparatus and method
6 7,689,988 Information processing apparatus
7 7,689,915 Image processing apparatus and image processing method using image attribute information and thumbnail displays for display control
8 7,689,855 Clock supplying apparatus and control method thereof
9 7,689,737 Data I/O apparatus for outputting image data via a network
10 7,689,725 Peripheral control device and method for controlling peripheral device
11 7,689,673 Remote creation of printer instances on a workstation
12 7,689,619 Process and format for reliable storage of data
13 7,689,618 Information output method, central information processing device, and information output program
14 7,689,596 Data transmission device and method for controlling the same and image reading apparatus using the same
15 7,689,475 Distribution control system and method, and server apparatus and its control method
16 7,689,159 Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
17 7,689,157 Toner container having screw for conveying toner and image forming apparatus having toner container
18 7,689,146 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
19 7,689,136 Image forming apparatus capable of switching image adjustment process according to an environment condition
20 7,689,111 Optical apparatus
21 7,689,109 Optical image stabilizer and optical apparatus
22 7,689,070 High frequency electrical signal control device and sensing system
23 7,689,065 Image processing method and apparatus for suppressing positional shift image degradation
24 7,689,050 Image processing apparatus and method with a histogram of the extracted DC components
25 7,689,048 Image encoding apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium for encoding a pixel value
26 7,689,045 Image capture apparatus
27 7,688,875 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser array and method for manufacturing, and image forming apparatus using vertical cavity surface emitting laser array
28 7,688,827 Communication apparatus, communication method, program, and storage medium
29 7,688,791 Communications apparatus, image sensing apparatus and control method therefor
30 7,688,703 Optical recording medium and production method thereof
31 7,688,529 Lens unit and image reading apparatus using the same
32 7,688,520 Zoom lens system and camera including the same
33 7,688,519 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
34 7,688,489 Color processing apparatus and its method, program, and printer driver
35 7,688,468 Method of illuminant adaptation
36 7,688,460 Communication terminal for accessing and printing page data from links
37 7,688,459 Document processing method
38 7,688,445 Spectroscope and spectroscopic method
39 7,688,424 Measurement apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
40 7,688,399 Image display apparatus
41 7,688,391 Controller for remotely controlling two or more external devices
42 7,688,390 Broadcast receiving apparatus, TV set, and control method of broadcast receiving apparatus
43 7,688,377 Solid State image pickup device and image pickup system comprising it
44 7,688,371 Pixel drive circuit for an image pickup apparatus
45 7,688,367 Image signal processing apparatus and image signal processing method
46 7,688,365 Image pickup apparatus
47 7,688,353 Image-taking apparatus and image-taking method
48 7,688,343 Device for measuring sheet length and image forming apparatus
49 7,688,342 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
50 7,688,332 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium and program
51 7,688,079 Detecting apparatus for detecting moisture content of media stack
52 7,688,078 System and method for counting number of layers of multilayer object by means of electromagnetic wave
53 7,688,056 Particle having mesopore loaded with biological substance, sensor including the same, and method for detecting specimen
54 7,687,991 Organic electroluminescence device
55 7,687,974 Vibration type driving apparatus
56 7,687,708 Photovoltaic cell having a coating film provided on a photovoltaic element and manufacturing method thereof
57 7,687,552 Resin composition, resin cured product, and liquid discharge head
58 7,687,299 Semiconductor apparatus, solid state image pickup device using the same, and method of manufacturing them
59 7,687,186 Enzyme electrode, and sensor and biofuel cell using the same
60 7,687,155 Luminescence device and display apparatus
61 7,687,154 Light-emitting device
62 7,686,880 Process for producing pigment complex and pigment-containing composition
63 7,686,525 Printing system
64 7,686,459 Lens array optical system, projection optical unit, and image projection apparatus
65 7,686,457 Projection image display apparatus and multi-projection system
66 7,686,438 Liquid tank
67 7,686,428 Liquid discharge head
68 7,686,423 Liquid discharge head and manufacturing method thereof
69 7,686,420 Ink jet recording apparatus
70 7,686,413 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
71 7,686,411 Recording apparatus
72 7,686,301 Printing apparatus, feeding apparatus, and feeding control method
73 7,686,300 Driving device
74 7,686,144 Vibration isolation device, arithmetic apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method