Canon patents granted on 30 May 2006

67 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,055,092 Directory for multi-page SVG document
2 7,054,908 Communication terminal, E-mail receiving method, program and storage medium
3 7,054,899 Application of mobile agent in a workflow environment having a plurality of image processing and/or image forming apparatuses
4 7,054,861 Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
5 7,054,850 Apparatus and method for detecting or recognizing pattern by employing a plurality of feature detecting elements
6 7,054,849 Functional planning system
7 7,054,826 Assembly information management system and client/server distribution system for assembly information management
8 7,054,817 User interface for speech model generation and testing
9 7,054,815 Speech synthesizing method and apparatus using prosody control
10 7,054,814 Method and apparatus of selecting segments for speech synthesis by way of speech segment recognition
11 7,054,812 Database annotation and retrieval
12 7,054,806 Speech synthesis apparatus using pitch marks, control method therefor, and computer-readable memory
13 7,054,701 Information processing apparatus and method
14 7,054,584 Developing apparatus with first and second developing bearing members each including a magnetic field generator wherein a peak position magnetic force of the second developing members is a defined value
15 7,054,583 Developing device including two developer carrying members
16 7,054,581 Developer supply container
17 7,054,579 Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
18 7,054,573 Heating apparatus
19 7,054,566 Image forming apparatus, cartridge, and storage medium
20 7,054,539 Image processing method and apparatus
21 7,054,508 Data editing apparatus and method
22 7,054,507 Method of kernel selection for image interpolation
23 7,054,485 Image processing method, apparatus and system
24 7,054,481 Automatic person meta-data labeller
25 7,054,248 Recording apparatus
26 7,054,095 Displacement detection apparatus, and magnetic recording apparatus and encoder using the displacement detection apparatus
27 7,054,079 Optical element holder, exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
28 7,054,033 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium
29 7,054,032 Image processing apparatus and method
30 7,054,029 Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
31 7,054,025 Printing system involving print preparing operation
32 7,054,016 Information processing apparatus and method with paper size setting and display of an output setting
33 7,053,989 Exposure apparatus and exposure method
34 7,053,986 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
35 7,053,983 Liquid immersion type exposure apparatus
36 7,053,982 Alignment apparatus and exposure apparatus
37 7,053,952 Image pickup apparatus
38 7,053,941 Image input apparatus
39 7,053,940 Signal processing apparatus, method, program of the method, and storage medium storing the program for interpolating an output color signal from an image sensing device
40 7,053,933 Image pickup apparatus having an automatic mode control
41 7,053,922 Optical scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus using such optical scanning apparatus
42 7,053,916 Information presentation apparatus and information processing method thereof
43 7,053,910 Reducing metamerism in color management systems
44 7,053,895 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, control program and recording medium
45 7,053,888 Image display apparatus
46 7,053,811 Control apparatus which remotely controls a device in a network system and control method therefor
47 7,053,537 Electron beam apparatus, having a spacer with a high-resistance film
48 7,053,526 Piezoelectric structure, liquid ejecting head and manufacturing method therefor
49 7,053,379 Radiation image photographic apparatus
50 7,053,378 Radiographic apparatus
51 7,053,370 Information acquisition apparatus, cross section evaluating apparatus, cross section evaluating method, and cross section working apparatus
52 7,053,353 Image taking apparatus
53 7,053,350 Autofocus control apparatus and method
54 7,053,345 Heating apparatus with temperature detection system for identifying and notifying the user that the material to be heated is wound around the induction heating element
55 7,052,991 Electrodeposition film forming method, and semiconductor apparatus
56 7,052,986 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
57 7,052,825 Substrate having fine lines, method for manufacturing the same, electron-source substrate, and image display apparatus
58 7,052,823 Method of manufacturing an electroconductive film, and method of manufacturing an image forming apparatus including the electroconductive film
59 7,052,354 Method for producing spacer and spacer
60 7,052,192 Print control system, information processing apparatus, function providing apparatus, print function display method, computer program, and computer-readable recording medium
61 7,052,191 Printing apparatus
62 7,052,109 Ink jet recording apparatus
63 7,052,107 Ink jet printing apparatus, print head performance recovering device, and print head performance recovering method
64 7,052,106 Print head recovery
65 7,052,105 Battery residual capacity detection method and printing apparatus using the method
66 7,051,893 Liquid container, liquid container manufacturing method, and metallic mold for liquid container manufacturing method
67 7,051,671 Vacuum processing apparatus in which high frequency powers having mutually different frequencies are used to generate plasma for processing an article