Canon patents granted on 30 November 2010

51 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,845,000 Method and device for controlling access to a digital document shared in a communication network of the station-to-station type
2 7,844,984 Optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
3 7,844,461 Information processing apparatus and method
4 7,844,458 Speech recognition for detecting setting instructions
5 7,844,209 Image heating apparatus with control of speeds of rotary member and endless belt
6 7,844,208 Image heating apparatus
7 7,844,200 Image forming apparatus with a pre-exposure light control feature
8 7,844,140 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and server and control method of the same
9 7,844,129 Information processing apparatus and its control method
10 7,844,121 Image distribution apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
11 7,844,109 Image processing method and apparatus
12 7,843,787 Recording apparatus
13 7,843,774 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus capable of coma aberration correction
14 7,843,645 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
15 7,843,618 Method for controlling image-forming apparatus
16 7,843,612 Image sensor unit and method of manufacturing the image sensor unit, and image-reading apparatus
17 7,843,605 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
18 7,843,601 Method for forming a color image
19 7,843,600 Information processing apparatus
20 7,843,599 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
21 7,843,587 Information processing apparatus, print control method, storing medium, and program
22 7,843,584 Image forming system and method of controlling image forming system
23 7,843,581 Creating and sharing digital photo albums
24 7,843,580 Image processing system, method of controlling the image processing system and control program for the image processing system
25 7,843,578 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
26 7,843,501 Image sensing apparatus and defect correction method
27 7,843,470 System, image processing apparatus, and information processing method
28 7,843,443 Display control apparatus, display control method and program
29 7,843,130 Organic light-emitting apparatus
30 7,843,123 OLED with semi-transparent layer
31 7,843,120 Screen structure, display panel and electronic equipment using the same, and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,843,119 Image display apparatus and image receiving and displaying apparatus
33 7,843,118 Electron-emitting device, electron source using the same, image display apparatus, and information displaying and reproducing apparatus
34 7,843,093 Driving device
35 7,842,988 Manufacturing method of photoelectric conversion device
36 7,842,927 Image sensor, image-sensing apparatus using the image sensor, and image-sensing system
37 7,842,919 Q-pole type mass spectrometer
38 7,842,906 Image forming apparatus
39 7,842,871 Sheet music creation method and image processing system
40 7,842,530 Method of manufacturing vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method of manufacturing laser array, vertical cavity surface emitting laser and laser array, and image forming apparatus with laser array
41 7,842,447 Toner
42 7,842,446 Toner
43 7,841,772 Imaging apparatus
44 7,841,711 Liquid container and liquid supplying system
45 7,841,706 Ink supply apparatus and method for controlling the ink pressure in a print head
46 7,841,686 Cartridge, recording apparatus, and method for determining amount of recording liquid remainder
47 7,841,681 Signaling module, liquid container, recording apparatus, and control method
48 7,841,680 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
49 7,841,678 Element substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
50 7,841,589 Image forming apparatus
51 7,841,239 Electrostatic capacitance diaphragm vacuum gauge and vacuum processing apparatus