Canon patents granted on 30 October 2007

38 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,290,095 Information processing apparatus and method therefor, and recording medium
2 7,290,067 Information processing apparatus control method for external device having both a wire interface and a wireless interface settings
3 7,290,031 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, order information file use method, storage medium which stores information processing apparatus readable program that implements the method, and the program
4 7,289,799 Portable terminal apparatus and terminal apparatus
5 7,289,759 Cleaning apparatus
6 7,289,756 Developer regulating member with surface roughness parameters
7 7,289,753 Image forming apparatus and charging unit therefor
8 7,289,744 Image forming apparatus
9 7,289,737 Communication optical system and free-space optics communication apparatus
10 7,289,579 Information reproducing apparatus using maximum likelihood decoding method
11 7,289,408 Method and apparatus for reproducing recording mark below diffraction limit of light from optical recording medium
12 7,289,281 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
13 7,289,280 Zoom lens and imaging system
14 7,289,275 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the system
15 7,289,239 Apparatus for controlling image processing and a method for controlling image processing
16 7,289,238 Option function setup method for information processing apparatus, and for image forming apparatus
17 7,289,235 Information processing device, information processing system, method for controlling information processing device, storage medium and control program
18 7,289,194 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
19 7,289,146 Solid state image pickup device
20 7,289,143 Image sensing system and control method of controlling to adjust a parameter of a camera apparatus
21 7,289,141 Image supply device, recording apparatus, recording system, and control method therefor
22 7,289,135 Color image-forming apparatus controlling timing of color pattern formation
23 7,289,130 Augmented reality presentation apparatus and method, and storage medium
24 7,288,357 Cyan toner and method of producing cyan toner
25 7,288,356 Toner kit, deep-color cyan toner, pale-color cyan toner, and image forming method
26 7,288,354 Toner
27 7,288,348 Color toner
28 7,288,203 Process for producing structure, process for producing magnetic recording medium, and process for producing molded product
29 7,288,143 Water-based ink, ink tank having the same, and ink-jet recording process
30 7,288,140 Wet process gas treatment apparatus
31 7,288,059 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
32 7,287,866 Video projection apparatus
33 7,287,861 Display optical system and image projector
34 7,287,847 Method of manufacturing ink jet recording head, ink jet recording head, and ink jet cartridge
35 7,287,838 Liquid discharge head having protective film for heating element and substrate therefor
36 7,287,830 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method and printing system
37 7,287,825 Preliminary ejection method and ink jet printing apparatus
38 7,287,823 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method