Canon patents granted on 30 September 2008

40 US patents granted on 30 September 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,430,745 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, and recording medium
2 7,430,713 Layout adjustment method and apparatus and layout adjustment program
3 7,430,677 Data processing device, and control method of data processing device
4 7,430,669 Image forming apparatus, launching method of program in the apparatus, image forming system, and program and storage medium therefor
5 7,430,660 Data transmission apparatus, system and method, and image processing apparatus
6 7,430,509 Lattice encoding
7 7,430,394 Belt feeding device and image heating device
8 7,430,393 Belt feeding device and image heating device
9 7,430,392 Image heating apparatus
10 7,430,391 Image forming apparatus featuring a cleaning device including a conductive support member provided between a developing member and a charging member
11 7,430,390 Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
12 7,430,389 Image forming apparatus with transparent toner developer
13 7,430,384 Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
14 7,430,382 Color image forming apparatus, and program and method of controlling a color image forming apparatus
15 7,430,378 Image forming apparatus setting an image forming condition based on characteristics of a cartridge, cartridge used in the image forming apparatus, and storage medium mounted on the cartridge
16 7,430,369 Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
17 7,430,367 Image pickup apparatus, camera main body thereof and interchangeable lens
18 7,430,363 Image playback apparatus and method with playback frame rate of selected representative image being higher than that of other representative images, or with playback of audio data of image file corresponding to selected representative image
19 7,430,362 Recording apparatus with determining whether or not information signals recorded previously on recording medium in accordance with repetitive recording reservation program have already been reproduced
20 7,430,325 Encoding system conversion apparatus and method for same
21 7,430,301 Method for the enhancement of complex peaks
22 7,430,216 Communication apparatus
23 7,430,204 Internet protocol tunnelling using templates
24 7,430,183 Communication system for connecting a communication apparatus to a specific connecting apparatus
25 7,430,127 Electronic circuit board
26 7,430,054 Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
27 7,430,039 Sensor
28 7,430,037 Reticle cassette and exposure apparatus using reticle cassette
29 7,430,036 Maskless exposure apparatus using optical modulator, and method for monitoring pattern generating performance by the optical modulator
30 7,430,001 Image sensing system, communication apparatus and image sensing apparatus having remote control function, and their control method
31 7,430,000 Image-shake correcting device
32 7,429,836 Motor driver circuit, control method thereof, and electronic apparatus
33 7,429,821 Image display apparatus
34 7,429,764 Signal processing device and image pickup apparatus using the same
35 7,429,723 Conversion apparatus, radiation detection apparatus, and radiation detection system
36 7,429,291 Print ink containing a plurality of fluorescent coloring materials and inkjet recording method
37 7,429,131 Portable radiographic imaging apparatus
38 7,429,110 Projector-type image display apparatus
39 7,429,094 Ink-jet recording device and dot-pattern recording method
40 7,429,037 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with the same