Canon patents granted on 31 August 2010

42 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,788,690 Receiving apparatus and method
2 7,788,596 Image distribution system and client terminal and control method thereof
3 7,788,364 Management apparatus and method for managing network device
4 7,788,307 Method and apparatus for generating random number
5 7,788,304 Object management using a plurality of directories in recording apparatus
6 7,788,301 Metadata driven user interface
7 7,787,792 Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus with fixing treating modes for periods between image fixing
8 7,787,785 Image forming apparatus for developing an image by a first mode or a second mode based on an input signal
9 7,787,670 Radiation imaging device for correcting body movement, image processing method, and computer program
10 7,787,332 Optical information recording-reproducing apparatus
11 7,787,166 Method for controlling image forming apparatus
12 7,787,161 Image reading device and image forming apparatus
13 7,787,158 Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, data processing method, image processing method, and programs for implementing the methods
14 7,787,143 Job information management method and apparatus
15 7,787,103 Projection exposure apparatus, optical member, and device manufacturing method
16 7,787,055 Signal processing method, image display apparatus, and television apparatus
17 7,787,037 Imaging method that continuously outputs a signal based on electric charges generated by a selected pixel unit without performing an operation of deselecting the selected pixel unit
18 7,787,036 Imaging apparatus configured to correct noise
19 7,787,031 Image-pickup apparatus for dust prevention
20 7,787,024 Portable electronic apparatus, image processing method, photographing apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
21 7,787,023 Video signal processing apparatus
22 7,786,995 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for determining character layout
23 7,786,964 Display apparatus and display control method therefor
24 7,786,703 Electronic device, battery pack, and electronic device system
25 7,786,700 Battery-powered apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
26 7,786,658 Electron-emitting device and image display apparatus using the same
27 7,786,495 Light-emitting element array and image forming apparatus
28 7,786,448 Imaging apparatus, method for driving the same and radiation imaging system
29 7,786,235 Block polymer and device
30 7,785,719 Fluorene compound and organic light-emitting device
31 7,785,716 Insert-molded article, insert mold and insert molding method
32 7,785,449 Magnetron unit, magnetron sputtering apparatus, and method of manufacturing electronic device
33 7,785,091 Processing apparatus and device manufacturing method
34 7,784,927 Ink container and ink jet recording apparatus
35 7,784,926 Liquid container, liquid supplying system equipped with liquid container
36 7,784,908 Flexible film wiring board and liquid discharge head
37 7,784,904 Liquid jet head
38 7,784,898 Ink jet recording apparatus and control method
39 7,784,897 Method of measuring printing characteristics
40 7,784,788 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
41 7,784,367 Method of gas resistance test for image and ink set
42 7,784,174 Method of manufacturing ink jet print head