Canon patents granted on 31 January 2012

41 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,108,938 Data communication system, device, and method
2 8,108,561 Apparatus that prevent a malfunction of the circuit and reduce power consumption
3 8,108,192 Simulator apparatus and simulation method
4 8,107,849 Image forming apparatus
5 8,107,845 Printing apparatus and printing method
6 8,107,841 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
7 8,107,831 Electronic device and image forming apparatus
8 8,107,806 Focus adjustment apparatus and focus adjustment method
9 8,107,768 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
10 8,107,767 Data transform apparatus and control method thereof
11 8,107,641 Communication system and control method therefor, program, and storage medium
12 8,107,588 Radiation imaging apparatus and method of driving the same, and radiation imaging system
13 8,107,534 Moving-image reproducing apparatus and moving-image reproducing method
14 8,107,500 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, and computer program
15 8,107,171 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
16 8,107,141 Print presentation
17 8,107,127 Image forming apparatus, image forming method
18 8,107,126 Document management apparatus and method applying print settings responsive to dragging and dropping document icon
19 8,107,111 Print processing system, information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and program
20 8,107,098 Apparatus for controlling printing, method for the same, printing system, and computer program
21 8,107,052 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
22 8,107,051 Exposure apparatus with improved alignment mark position measurement condition setting feature, and device manufacturing method using the same
23 8,107,003 Image sensing apparatus with electronic shutter function and mechanical shutter function, and image sensing method
24 8,106,996 Image pickup apparatus
25 8,106,964 Image reproduction apparatus and image reproduction method
26 8,106,959 Image capturing apparatus with aperture correction
27 8,106,958 Image processing apparatus and image processing method and image capturing apparatus
28 8,106,955 Solid-state image sensing device and image sensing system
29 8,106,624 Battery pack, charging device, and electronic device and obtaining a charge state thereof
30 8,106,575 Electron beam apparatus having a recess formed in a surface of an insulating member
31 8,106,359 Radiation imaging apparatus
32 8,106,343 Image sensing system interposing light shielding portion between color filter and pixel arrays
33 8,106,178 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
34 8,105,765 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
35 8,105,761 Ink jet recording head manufacturing method
36 8,105,440 Method of cleaning a CVD device
37 8,104,875 Liquid jet recording head
38 8,104,873 Recording head
39 8,104,865 Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet head
40 8,104,862 Method of evaluating performance of optical sensor and ink jet printing apparatus
41 8,104,256 Imaging optical unit, inspection method for the same, and image reading apparatus