Canon patents granted on 31 July 2012

48 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,234,600 Computer readable storage medium storing program for generating reticle data, and method of generating reticle data
2 8,234,288 Method and device for generating reference patterns from a document written in markup language and associated coding and decoding methods and devices
3 8,234,117 Speech-synthesis device having user dictionary control
4 8,233,821 Cartridge, assembling method for cartridge, and disassembling method for cartridge
5 8,233,786 Image shake correction apparatus and image pickup apparatus
6 8,233,628 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
7 8,233,587 Source grating for Talbot-Lau-type interferometer
8 8,233,549 Video receiving apparatus and video receiving method to address error in received video
9 8,233,454 Communication system and method for switching between wireless connections
10 8,233,405 Communication device and control method thereof
11 8,233,227 Prism unit and a projection image display apparatus
12 8,233,198 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling image processing apparatus, and computer program
13 8,233,191 Color production with high chroma using complementary color material with different hue at low lightness portion
14 8,233,187 Printer
15 8,233,184 System and method for determining print layout of images based on print medium being of fixed or undefined length
16 8,233,182 Printing apparatus and method for controlling the same in enabling use of paper information
17 8,233,171 Device managing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and control program
18 8,233,165 Document processing apparatus and document processing method
19 8,233,164 Rendering apparatus, rendering method, and computer-readable storage medium
20 8,233,161 Image reading and recording apparatus
21 8,233,152 Optical coherence tomographic imaging method and optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus
22 8,233,140 Measuring apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
23 8,233,071 Image capturing apparatus comprising image sensor and plurality of pixels with simultaneous transfer of pixel electric charge from a first to an oppositely arranged second storage device
24 8,233,058 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image sensing apparatus
25 8,233,049 Imaging using an electromagnetic wave
26 8,233,030 Picture signal processing device
27 8,233,022 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
28 8,233,011 Head mounted display and control method therefor
29 8,233,001 Display apparatus, information processing apparatus capable of communicating with display apparatus, and methods of controlling same
30 8,232,572 Light emitting device
31 8,232,529 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, its controlling method, and storage medium storing its program
32 8,232,526 Analyzing apparatus
33 8,232,344 Structure, target substance-detecting element and target substance-detecting kit
34 8,232,189 Dielectric film manufacturing method
35 8,232,094 Real-time PCR in micro-channels
36 8,231,767 Magnetic field generating apparatus and plasma processing apparatus
37 8,231,226 Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
38 8,231,216 Printing apparatus
39 8,231,215 Recording medium conveying device
40 8,231,210 Inkjet cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
41 8,231,208 Liquid ejection head
42 8,231,204 Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
43 8,231,203 Ink jet print head, ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
44 8,231,195 Print element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
45 8,231,120 Sheet processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
46 8,230,746 Combined type pressure gauge, and manufacturing method of combined type pressure gauge
47 8,230,741 Test method of operations of ultrasonograph and ultrasound probe
48 8,230,576 Method of manufacturing capacitive electromechanical transducer