Canon patents granted on 31 October 2006

55 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,130,754 Sensor calibration apparatus, sensor calibration method, program, storage medium, information processing method, and information processing apparatus
2 7,130,573 Image forming apparatus
3 7,130,572 Image heating apparatus using a flexible sleeve
4 7,130,568 Image forming apparatus which presents faulty image when toner image on image bearing member is transferred to transferring medium
5 7,130,565 Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
6 7,130,560 Image forming apparatus
7 7,130,559 Recycling system and method of managing reusable components
8 7,130,557 Process cartridge and electrographic image forming apparatus
9 7,130,554 Power supply for a first and second heating elements in image forming apparatus with control based on detected temperature at start
10 7,130,553 Heating apparatus with conveyance interval controller and control of electric power in conformity with detected temperature
11 7,130,550 Image forming apparatus featuring a changeable mixing ratio of deep and pale color toners
12 7,130,548 Optional apparatuses each displaying unique identifier and image forming apparatus containing same
13 7,130,492 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
14 7,130,472 Image distribution apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
15 7,130,377 X-ray image taking apparatus and operation control program thereof
16 7,130,245 Ultrasonic double feed detecting device
17 7,130,131 Zoom optical system
18 7,130,114 Catoptric optical system
19 7,130,089 Original document scanning apparatus
20 7,130,086 Image processing apparatus and method with forgery and/or fraud control
21 7,130,083 Image recording apparatus, image recording method, method for controlling the image recording apparatus, storage medium storing a program capable of being read by a computer, and image processing method
22 7,130,082 Image processing apparatus and method
23 7,130,074 Image encoding and recording apparatus
24 7,130,072 Multifunction system, image processing method, computer program and memory medium
25 7,130,069 Image-forming system, control method therefor, image-forming apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium
26 7,130,068 Print server apparatus, information processing apparatus, print job reservation management method, reservation job generation method and memory medium
27 7,130,066 Apparatus for performing a service in cooperation with another apparatus on a network
28 7,130,065 Printing apparatus, method of controlling same, information processor connected thereto, system and storage medium
29 7,130,064 Image processing apparatus and method selectively utilizing lower than normal image recording density
30 7,130,025 Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
31 7,130,024 Exposure apparatus
32 7,130,021 Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
33 7,130,018 Catoptric projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
34 7,130,016 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
35 7,130,015 Inert-gas purge method, exposure apparatus, device fabrication method and devices
36 7,129,985 Image sensing apparatus arranged on a single substrate
37 7,129,984 Electronic device using operating system for overall apparatus control including mechanical operation
38 7,129,972 Image sensing device for transmitting images
39 7,129,967 Frequency modulation apparatus and frequency modulation method
40 7,129,966 Multi-beam image forming apparatus with overlapped scanning
41 7,129,964 Image printing apparatus and image printing method
42 7,129,958 Color management with tiered caching scheme
43 7,129,618 Control apparatus capable of low-speed driving of vibration type driving apparatus, actuating apparatus using the control apparatus, control method capable of low-speed driving of vibration type driving apparatus, and storage medium storing program including program codes capable of realizing the control method
44 7,129,500 Image pickup apparatus
45 7,129,499 Radiographic apparatus and radiographic method
46 7,129,466 Color image pickup device and color light-receiving device
47 7,129,458 Image pickup device, radiation image pickup device and image processing system
48 7,129,386 Substituted anthryl derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
49 7,129,012 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
50 7,128,779 Ink jet ink, method for producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method and ink cartridge
51 7,128,407 Ink supply system, recording apparatus, recording head, and liquid supply system
52 7,128,390 Ink jet recording apparatus
53 7,128,380 Recording liquid container, ink jet recording apparatus, and cartridge collecting apparatus
54 7,128,211 Packing method, packing member and manufacturing method therefor
55 D531,205 Developer supplying container