December 24, 2015: USPTO outage causing delay and broken links

Posting of today’s patent applications will be delayed due to an outage at the US Patent and Trademark Office caused by a power failure that damaged equipment. Links from this site to patents and patent applications at the USPTO site are currently broken for the same reason.

See USPTO Systems Status and Availability for more details on the outage and recovery.

Update: 5:51PM ET. The site links to previously published patents and applications seem to be working, but the patent applications for December 24 are not yet available. They will be posted when they are.

Update (December 28): Patent applications for December 24, 2015 have now been posted.

Dropping coverage for LG Philips LCD and Matsushita and adding coverage for Amazon, eBay, Huawei, and LG Display

Effective October 9, 2012 the following changes will be made in Latest Patents coverage.

Coverage Dropped:

Matsushita will be dropped due to very little activity. Matsushita’s new corporate name is Panasonic which was already covered.

LG Philips LCD will be dropped due to very little activity. LG Display is the new corporate name for this company and coverage will be starting as the prior name is dropped.

Coverage Added:




LG Display (replacing LG Philips LCD – see above)