eBay patents granted on 05 August 2014

10 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to eBay

1 8,800,016 Method and system for maintaining login preference information of users in a network-based transaction facility
2 8,799,769 Application above-the-fold rendering measurements
3 8,799,409 Server side data cache system
4 8,799,218 Business channel synchronization
5 8,799,173 Negotiation platform in an online environment using buyer reputations
6 8,799,159 Systems and methods for facilitating financial transactions over a network
7 8,799,114 Method and system automatically to support multiple transaction types, and to display seller-specific transactions of various transaction types in an integrated, commingled listing
8 8,799,109 System and method for payment on call in a networked environment
9 8,798,363 Extraction of image feature data from images
10 8,798,324 Vehicle identification based on an image