Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is associated with the United States Patent Office (USPTO)?

A: No. While the data presented on comes from USPTO records, it is not associated with the USPTO or a substitute for the official USPTO data. The intent of Latest is to provide rapid notification of patent activity by the leading technology companies in easily digestible form.

Q: Why are all the postings on a Tuesday or a Thursday?

A: The USPTO publishes granted patents every Tuesday and patent applications every Thursday. Generally, the information will be posted on that same day, but even if the USPTO is delayed or we are delayed, the postings will be dated on the appropriate Tuesday or Thursday for ready reference.

Q: When I follow a patent or patent application hyperlink and request to view the “Images,” I don’t see anything. What’s wrong?

A: The USPTO used to store the images of the pages in a specific TIFF format, but has now switched to Adobe Reader PDF format. To view them, you need to install a web browser plug-in. The USPTO provides directions for obtaining one here.

Q: I have another question.

A: If it isn’t answered by our About Us, Terms of Use, or Privacy Policy Pages, please contact admin [at]

Last updated December 31, 2013