Fujitsu patent applications published on 02 March 2006

66 US patent applications published on 02 March 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060048219 Secure private information transmission program and secure private information receiving apparatus
2 20060048159 Resource management method, device and program thereof
3 20060048139 Uninstallation processing program and uninstallation management program
4 20060048036 Method and apparatus for generating error correction data, and a computer-readable recording medium recording an error correction data generating program thereon
5 20060048021 Signal control circuit and device mounted therewith
6 20060047981 Power supply control method, power supply control unit and information processing apparatus
7 20060047970 Authentication method based on biological characteristic information
8 20060047961 Wireless tag system, wireless tag access control device, wireless tag access control method, wireless tag access control program and wireless tag
9 20060047918 Information processing apparatus, system controller, local snoop control method, and local snoop control program recorded computer-readable recording medium
10 20060047901 Access control method, disk control unit and storage apparatus
11 20060047894 Data recording apparatus, and data recording control method and program
12 20060047807 Method and system for detecting a network anomaly in a network
13 20060047494 Circuit analysis method and circuit analysis apparatus
14 20060047451 Apparatus and method for circuit diagram display, and computer product
15 20060047440 Apparatus, method, and computer product for supporting estimation of metabolism
16 20060046764 Output power error absorbing circuit and multi-carrier transmitter having the same
17 20060046569 Balanced transmission cable connector
18 20060046493 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
19 20060046446 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, and gate electrode and manufacturing method thereof
20 20060046373 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
21 20060046372 Method of fabricating semiconductor a device
22 20060046242 Method and apparatus for providing product information, and computer product
23 20060045836 Formed product of line-structured substance composed of carbon element, and method of forming the same
24 20060045528 System and method for modularly scalable architecture for optical networks
25 20060045463 Switching apparatus, electronic apparatus, data transfer method, and computer product
26 20060045445 Optical switch and optical waveform monitoring device utilizing optical switch
27 20060045417 Optical transmission circuit device
28 20060045276 Stereophonic reproducing method, communication apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
29 20060045177 Communication apparatus
30 20060045091 Transmission device
31 20060045041 Mobile communication system and wireless base station
32 20060045039 Program, method, and device for managing system configuration
33 20060045032 Transmission time measurement method, transmission control method and mobile communication system provided with a transmission time measurement function
34 20060044984 File switching apparatus and its switching method
35 20060044897 Semiconductor memory having testable redundant memory cells
36 20060044879 Semiconductor memory device
37 20060044867 Magnetic resistance memory and method of writing data
38 20060044755 Electronic apparatus with a cooling redundancy function
39 20060044696 Recording disk drive capable of suppressing load acting on head suspension
40 20060044693 Base member and information storage apparatus
41 20060044691 Magnetic recording medium, head slider and manufacturing methods therefor
42 20060044676 Hard spacer in recording disk drive and method of making the same
43 20060044646 Optical amplification device, raman amplifier, optical wavelength-division multiplex transmission system and optical wavelength-division multiplex transmission method
44 20060044506 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
45 20060044499 Liquid crystal display device
46 20060044326 System performance information display method, program, and storage medium
47 20060044113 Wireless tag system, wireless tag access control device, wireless tag access control method, wireless tag access control program and wireless tag
48 20060044054 Midpoint potential generating circuit for use in a semiconductor device
49 20060044038 Semiconductor device
50 20060044008 Resistance compensation method, circuit having a resistance compensation function, and circuit resistance test method
51 20060043897 Gas discharge panel and production method thereof
52 20060043821 Axial air-gap electronic motor
53 20060043583 Semiconductor device
54 20060043568 Semiconductor device having multilayer printed wiring board and manufacturing method of the same
55 20060043552 Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
56 20060043548 Semiconductor device having stiffener
57 20060043464 Direct tunneling semiconductor memory device and fabrication process thereof
58 20060043445 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
59 20060043426 Method and apparatus for calculating wiring capacitance, and computer product
60 20060043266 Light receiving device
61 20060043235 Guide roller in tape drive and method of controlling the same
62 20060043199 RFID tag, RFID-tag antenna, RFID-tag antenna sheet, and method of manufacturing RFID tag
63 20060043149 Method of bonding and bonding apparatus for a semiconductor chip
64 20060043089 Module
65 20060042816 Parallel-transmission flat cable equipped with connector unit
66 20060042077 Method for manufacturing probe needle, method for manufacturing probe card, and probe card