Fujitsu patent applications published on 05 January 2006

51 US patent applications published on 05 January 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060005152 Method and device for designing semiconductor integrated circuit and logic design program
2 20060005123 Information retrieval terminal
3 20060005062 Buffer and method of diagnosing buffer failure
4 20060004994 Processor
5 20060004993 Processor and pipeline reconfiguration control method
6 20060004992 Reconfigurable circuit in which time division multiple processing is possible
7 20060004991 Semiconductor device
8 20060004980 Address creator and arithmetic circuit
9 20060004979 Semiconductor device
10 20060004978 Method and apparatus for controlling initialization of memories
11 20060004879 Data backup system and method
12 20060004840 Index adding program of relational database, index adding apparatus, and index adding method
13 20060004815 Method and apparatus for editing metadata, and computer product
14 20060004776 Digital document discussion apparatus and digital document discussion method
15 20060004565 Audio signal encoding device and storage medium for storing encoding program
16 20060004528 Apparatus and method for extracting similar source code
17 20060004113 Method for producing recycled resin, and resin material containing recycled resin produced by that method
18 20060003822 Information processing unit
19 20060003821 Information processing unit
20 20060003820 Information processing unit
21 20060003819 Information processing unit
22 20060003702 Communications device and wireless communications system
23 20060003437 Target detecting device and target capturer, device and method for molecular adsorption or desorption, and device and method for protein detection
24 20060003235 Semiconductor manufacturing method and an exposure mask
25 20060003190 Magnetic recording medium, magnetic storage apparatus and method of producing magnetic recording medium
26 20060002436 Wavelength tunable laser and method of controlling the same
27 20060002407 Network system, network bridge device, network management apparatus, network address assignment method and network address resolution method
28 20060002399 Apparatus for receiving parallel data and method thereof
29 20060002311 Network device with VLAN topology discovery functions
30 20060002036 Magnetoresistance effect film and magnetoresistance effect head
31 20060001997 Magnetic disk apparatus, method of controlling a magnetic disk, and program for controlling a magnetic disk
32 20060001793 Liquid crystal display device equipped with an improved backlight device
33 20060001754 CMOS image sensor which reduced noise caused by charge pump operation
34 20060001753 Imaging device, control method thereof and CMOS image sensor
35 20060001752 CMOS image sensor for reducing kTC noise, reset transistor control circuit used in the image sensor and voltage switch circuit used in the control circuit
36 20060001750 Differential comparator, analog/digital conversion apparatus and imaging apparatus
37 20060001632 Control device for display panel and display apparatus having same
38 20060001631 Display control device of liquid crystal display apparatus, and liquid crystal display apparatus having same
39 20060001599 Drive circuit for display apparatus and plasma display apparatus
40 20060001564 Ramp waveform generation circuit, analog/digital conversion circuit, imaging device and control method of imaging device
41 20060001476 Current stabilization circuit, current stabilization method, and solid-state imaging apparatus
42 20060001464 Digital PLL circuit
43 20060001394 Apparatus for correcting current value of three-phase electric motor and correcting method
44 20060001391 Fan
45 20060001373 Plasma display panel
46 20060001320 Power supply trouble detecting apparatus and electronic circuit
47 20060001108 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
48 20060001104 Semiconductor device having STI with nitride liner
49 20060001026 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
50 20060000870 Bonding apparatus and method of bonding for a semiconductor chip
51 20060000694 Key switch, keyboard and key-switch assembling jig