Fujitsu patent applications published on 09 March 2006

32 US patent applications published on 09 March 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060053416 Program section layout method and layout program
2 20060053399 Semiconductor device, designing device, layout designing method, program and storage medium
3 20060053360 Methods and apparatus for correcting errors in data read from a disk drive
4 20060053302 Information processing apparatus with security module
5 20060053264 Semiconductor device preventing writing of prohibited set value to register
6 20060053255 Apparatus and method for retrieving data from a data storage system
7 20060053220 Client server system, grouping method, server, program, computer-readable storage medium, client
8 20060052984 Device, method and program for optimization analysis
9 20060051917 Capacitive element and method of manufacturing the same
10 20060051895 Method for manufacturing electronic component-mounted board
11 20060051683 Method of manufacturing mask for exposure, mask for exposure, and package body of mask for exposure
12 20060051104 Receiving error rate control device
13 20060051091 Method and system for a data centric architecture in an optical network
14 20060051077 Rapid thermal processing apparatus and method of manufacture of semiconductor device
15 20060051011 Optical waveguide device
16 20060050771 Radio communication apparatus, radio base station, radio network controller, and transmission power control method
17 20060050751 Optical transmission device for controlling optical level of wavelength multiplexed light and method thereof
18 20060050635 Delay guarantee path setting system
19 20060050595 Semiconductor memory device with reduced leak current
21 20060050312 Image management method
22 20060050244 Projector
23 20060050208 Transflective liquid crystal display device
24 20060050206 Liquid crystal display panel, method of inspecting the same, and inspection apparatus used for the same
25 20060050094 Plasma display panel, method of driving same and plasma display apparatus
26 20060049860 Voltage supply circuit of semiconductor device
27 20060049804 Protection method, control circuit, and battery unit
28 20060049489 Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method of the same
29 20060049484 Semiconductor device
30 20060049427 Field effect type semiconductor device
31 20060049400 Semiconductor device
32 20060048896 Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate