Fujitsu patent applications published on 10 August 2006

42 US patent applications published on 10 August 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060179373 Device and method for JTAG test
2 20060179353 Computer shutoff condition monitoring method, information processing apparatus, program and computer readable information recording medium
3 20060179315 System and method for preventing fraud of certification information, and recording medium storing program for preventing fraud of certification information
4 20060179219 Configuration definition setup method for disk array apparatus, and disk array apparatus
5 20060179217 Apparatus and method for detecting disk write omissions
6 20060179215 Apparatus for detecting disk write omissions
7 20060179214 External storage control device and program for the same
8 20060179200 Computer, IO expansion device and method for recognizing connection of IO expansion device
9 20060179126 Remote downloading system, managing apparatus, data receiving apparatus, operation apparatus, information processing apparatus and computer readable information recording medium
10 20060178763 Positioning apparatus and method of controlling positioning apparatus
11 20060178017 Method for forming insulating film, method for forming multilayer structure and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
12 20060177978 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
13 20060177743 Photomask, photomask fabrication method, and semiconductor device fabrication method
14 20060177702 Magnetic recording medium, method of producing the same, and magnetic storage apparatus
15 20060177701 Magnetic recording medium, method of producing the same, and magnetic storage apparatus
16 20060177059 Printing apparatus, program and method
17 20060176990 Apparatus for communications
18 20060176946 Adaptive equalizer circuit
19 20060176932 Spread spectrum clock generation circuit and a method of controlling thereof
20 20060176901 Method and apparatus for data processing, and computer product
21 20060176617 Magnetic head assembly
22 20060176545 Optical transmission system, optical repeater, and optical transmission method
23 20060176508 Communication apparatus
24 20060176410 IC card
25 20060176400 Image processing method, program, and apparatus
26 20060176383 Semiconductor apparatus with crosstalk noise reduction circuit
27 20060176382 Image sensor for reducing vertically-striped noise
28 20060176317 Information processing apparatus for setting background image, information display device and program
30 20060176099 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of controlling the semiconductor integrated circuit
31 20060176092 Delay time adjusting method of delaying a phase of an output signal until a phase difference between an input signal and the output signal becomes an integral number of periods other than zero
32 20060176045 Plasma reactor and method of determining abnormality in plasma reactor
33 20060175972 Light-emitting discharge tube, method of fabricating the same, and protective film forming apparatus
34 20060175902 Method and apparatus for start control of a vehicle
35 20060175900 Method and apparatus for starting control of vehicle
36 20060175698 Semiconductor device
37 20060175686 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
39 20060175642 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
40 20060175393 Analysis technique of computer system
41 20060175285 Method of making magnetic recording medium and die therefor
42 20060175084 Wiring board and method for fabricating the same