Fujitsu patent applications published on 11 January 2007

42 US patent applications published on 11 January 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20070011745 Recording medium recording worm detection parameter setting program, and worm detection parameter setting device
2 20070011443 Computer startup method, program, storage medium, and information processing apparatus
3 20070011440 Processor and processing method
4 20070011380 Bus system, bus manager device, node device, and program for bus manager device
5 20070011331 Autonomous control apparatus, autonomous control method, and autonomous control program
6 20070011303 Method and apparatus for tracing data in audit trail, and computer product
7 20070011221 Apparatus and method for correlation operation
8 20070011101 Work support system, work support method, computer-readable recording medium storing a work support program thereon, work support information creating system, work support information creating method, and computer-readable recording medium storing a work support information creating program thereon
9 20070011048 Information providing system and information providing method
10 20070011037 Workflow system, workflow management method and program
11 20070010287 Electronic apparatus, screen information output method and computer-readable storage medium
12 20070010197 Radio communication system, relay apparatus, and remote radio base station apparatus
13 20070010133 End structure of coaxial cable
14 20070010087 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor wafer device having separated conductive patterns in peripheral area
15 20070010046 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
16 20070009718 Layered board and electronic apparatus having the layered board
17 20070009677 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of same
18 20070009182 Image processing apparatus and graphics memory unit
19 20070009173 Apparatus and method for shading correction and recording medium therefore
20 20070009037 Apparatus for and method of decoding moving picture, and computer product
21 20070009016 Radio communication system, radio communication method, radio transmitter and radio receiver
22 20070008907 Reconfigurable LSI
23 20070008833 Magneto-optical recording medium and method of manufacturing the same, substrate for magneto-optical recording medium, and mother die stamper and method of manufacturing the same
24 20070008766 Ferroelectric storage device
25 20070008663 Electronic apparatus having DC voltage conversion function, and DC voltage converter
26 20070008657 Magnetic head including read head element and inductive write head element
27 20070008650 Head slider and information storage apparatus
28 20070008640 Library apparatus, control method and control program thereof, and information processing apparatus
29 20070008441 Liquid crystal display device and its driving method
30 20070008134 Antenna and RFID tag mounting the same
31 20070008052 Surface acoustic wave apparatus
32 20070007976 Circuit board storage bag and storage rack
33 20070007971 Circuit for detecting difference in capacitance
34 20070007877 Arc tube array type display device and driving method for the same
35 20070007719 Paper skew correcting device and bill depositing/dispensing apparatus
36 20070007712 Bundle transport apparatus for paper sheet materials and handling apparatus for the same
37 20070007709 Papers feeding device
38 20070007707 Paper sheet handling device
39 20070007619 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
40 20070007567 Semiconductor substrate and production process thereof
41 20070007355 Method for detecting height of paper bundle and paper handling device
42 20070007246 Manufacture of semiconductor device with CMP