Fujitsu patent applications published on 13 September 2007

55 US patent applications published on 13 September 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20070214332 Storage-access control system, storage-access control method, and computer product
2 20070214326 Storage control apparatus, storage control method, computer product, and information processing apparatus
3 20070214312 Information storage device and write control circuit
4 20070214302 Data processing device with mechanism for controlling bus priority of multiple processors
6 20070214257 System analysis apparatus and method
7 20070214248 Network management method, program, and system
8 20070214242 Network configuration change evaluation program, network configuration change evaluation device, and network configuration change evaluation method
9 20070214223 Electronic mail send program, electronic mail send device, and electronic mail send method
10 20070214193 Change monitoring program for computer resource on network
11 20070214192 Change monitoring program for computer resource on network
12 20070214173 Program, method, and apparatus for supporting creation of business process model diagram
13 20070214166 Program analysis method and apparatus
14 20070214165 Computer product, session management method, and session management apparatus
15 20070214143 NFS server, NFS server control program and NFS server control method
16 20070214102 Importance degree calculation program, importance degree calculation method, and importance degree calculation apparatus
17 20070214061 Information terminal apparatus, method of controlling the same, computer product, and information output system
18 20070214043 Advertisement providing service control system
19 20070213974 Syntax analysis program, syntax analysis method, syntax analysis device, and computer-readable medium storing syntax analysis program
20 20070213921 Power control apparatus, power control method
21 20070213089 Mobile communication terminal device, communication program, and communication method
23 20070212933 Connector socket module
24 20070212079 Optical transmission apparatus
25 20070212068 Path routing computation method and optical communication network applying path routing computation method
26 20070212067 Communication path calculation method and module
27 20070211988 OPTICAL SWITCH
29 20070211884 Privacy protection method for terminal subscriber, privacy protection terminal device, and privacy protection program
30 20070211759 Multiplexing device, multiplexing method, and multiplexing program
31 20070211701 Communicating configuration information for an end system
32 20070211664 Communication relay apparatus in a wireless communication network
33 20070211629 Method and system for controlling wireless LAN route, apparatus for managing wireless LAN, and wireless LAN access terminal
34 20070211628 Network management method, program and system
35 20070211549 Semiconductor memory, memory system, and operation method of semiconductor memory
36 20070211390 Piezoelectric actuator and magnetic disk device
37 20070211387 Magnetic head assembly, manufacturing method thereof, flexure, and magnetic disk apparatus
38 20070211380 Perpendicular magnetic head
39 20070211379 Perpendicular magnetic head
40 20070211378 Method of manufacturing magnetic head and magnetic head
41 20070211372 Positioning control device and disk device
42 20070211368 Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording apparatus, and servo demodulation circuit
43 20070211365 Information storage device, write current adjustment method for the information storage device, and write control circuit
44 20070211363 Medium scan method for use in disk device
45 20070211361 Flying height measurement apparatus and method therefor
46 20070211360 Signal detection method
47 20070211252 Optical waveform measurement apparatus and optical waveform measurement method
48 20070211058 Graphic drawing program, method, and apparatus
49 20070210874 Superconductive filter capable of easily adjusting filter characteristic and filter characteristic adjusting method
50 20070210676 Elastic boundary wave device
51 20070210649 DC-DC converter control circuit, DC-DC converter, power supply unit, and DC-DC converter control method
52 20070210300 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
53 20070210299 Single-photon generating device, single-photon detecting device, and optical quantum gate
54 20070210154 Method and system for accounting item sold by weight
55 20070209920 Keyboard and membrane switch for keyboard