Fujitsu patent applications published on 16 August 2007

76 US patent applications published on 16 August 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20070192769 Program, method, and apparatus for managing applications
2 20070192765 Virtual machine system
3 20070192758 Exposure data generation method and device, exposure data verification method and device and storage medium
4 20070192670 Decoding device and decoding method
5 20070192664 Semiconductor memory
6 20070192653 Data defect detection using soft decision result
7 20070192650 Multi-processing system distributing workload optimally during operation
8 20070192644 Gateway card, gateway device, method of controlling gateway card, and computer product
9 20070192629 Storage system, encryption path switching system, encryption path switching program, and recording medium thereof
10 20070192609 Electronic image data verification program, electronic image data verification system, and electronic image data verification method
11 20070192527 Memory system
12 20070192492 Load-balancing device and computer-readable recording medium in which load-balancing program is recorded
13 20070192472 Download method and transmission device using the same
14 20070192456 Web application system, web server, method and computer product for displaying web application message
15 20070192434 Network system, terminal, and gateway
16 20070192413 Chat system, terminal device therefor, display method of chat system, and recording medium
17 20070192153 Information processing terminal and server for supporting quality improvement concerning product manufacture
18 20070192119 Deliberation request allocation system, deliberation request allocation program, and deliberation request allocation method
19 20070192051 Backboard transmission method, backboard transmission apparatus, and substrate unit
20 20070191053 Mobile station apparatus and transmission power control method for the same apparatus
21 20070191004 Call controlling apparatus, call controlling method, and computer program
22 20070190998 Transmitting apparatus and method for maintaining learned information
23 20070190994 Software defined radio
24 20070190947 Method of establishing communication link, and computer product
25 20070190936 Mobile phone having infrared communication function
26 20070190809 Wafer processing method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and wafer processing apparatus
27 20070190715 Semiconductor device having STI without divot and its manufacture
28 20070190461 Material for forming exposure light-blocking film, multilayer interconnection structure and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
29 20070190453 Resist cover film-forming material, process for forming resist pattern, semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
30 20070190365 Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
31 20070189734 Packet recording and playback apparatus
32 20070189726 Recording and reproducing device, recording and reproducing method, and vehicle-mounted recording and reproducing device
33 20070189716 Disk device, control circuit, disk controlling method, and command controlling method
34 20070189655 Acousto-optic device and fabrication method of acousto-optic device
35 20070189613 Word search apparatus, word search method, and recording medium
36 20070189532 Mobile communication device, mobile communication device control program, and mobile communication device control method
37 20070189415 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method
38 20070189414 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method
39 20070189314 Frame buffer monitoring method and device
40 20070189305 Packet sending apparatus and packet transmission system
41 20070189293 QoS guarantee system in multidomain network and QoS server applied to the same
42 20070189212 Adaptive modulation and coding
43 20070189211 Adaptive modulation and coding
44 20070189210 Adaptive modulation and coding
45 20070189209 Adaptive modulation and coding
46 20070189208 Adaptive modulation and coding
47 20070189169 Bandwidth Allocation
49 20070189152 Method, apparatus, and program for configuring networks with consistent route and bandwidth settings
50 20070189100 Semiconductor memory
51 20070189052 Memory system
53 20070188926 Head suspension assembly and recording medium drive
54 20070188925 Flying head slider having depression surrounded by air bearing surface
55 20070188923 Vertical magnetic recording medium
56 20070188922 Magnetic head and information storage apparatus
57 20070188917 Layered magnetic film and magnetic head
58 20070188916 Soft magnetic thin film, method of producing the same, and magnetic head
59 20070188915 Thin film magnetic head including helical coil
60 20070188913 Recording medium drive including electrostatic actuator between head slider and recording medium
61 20070188904 Output control device and recording-medium-driver control device
63 20070188392 Antenna apparatus and radio communication apparatus
65 20070188225 Distortion compensating apparatus and method
66 20070188223 Operational amplifier
67 20070188210 Timing controller and controlled delay circuit for controlling timing or delay time of a signal by changing phase thereof
68 20070188209 Phase adjuster circuit and phase adjusting method
69 20070188166 Magnetic head testing apparatus and method of testing a magnetic head
70 20070188150 System and method for supervising battery for vehicle
71 20070188144 Electronic apparatus with rechargeable battery
72 20070188096 Flat panel display and display panel device having the same
73 20070187833 Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device driver
74 20070187740 Capacitance cell, semiconductor device, and capacitance element arranging method
76 20070186410 Method of assembling a carriage assembly