Fujitsu patent applications published on 25 May 2006

30 US patent applications published on 25 May 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060112365 Design support apparatus, design support program and design support method for supporting design of semiconductor integrated circuit
2 20060112223 Method of grouping logical units, method of processing a received request, apparatus for grouping logical units, and apparatus for processing a received request
3 20060112220 Disk array apparatus, information processing apparatus, data management system, method for issuing command from target side to initiator side, and computer product
4 20060112200 Processing controller, data communication apparatus, and program for the controller and apparatus
5 20060112083 Object relation information management program, method, and apparatus
6 20060111887 Three-dimensional CAD apparatus, method for supporting design work for three-dimensional shapes, and computer product
7 20060111885 Method of circuit simulation for delay characteristic evaluation, circuit simulation program and circuit simulation device
8 20060111460 Photocatalytic apatite-containing resin
9 20060111100 Radio communication apparatus or mobile station
10 20060111073 Demodulator of frequency modulated signals, and demodulating method of frequency modulated signals
11 20060111065 Electronic circuit and method of manufacturing the same
12 20060110820 Capturing apparatus and method of minute objects
13 20060110817 Capturing apparatus and method of minute objects
14 20060110629 Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof, magnetic storage apparatus, substrate and texture forming apparatus
15 20060110162 Optical ring network for extended broadcasting
16 20060110145 Image taking device, method for controlling light sources and computer program
17 20060110096 Optical module
18 20060110095 Optical chip for optical transmission and method of making the same
19 20060110024 Surface inspection method and apparatus
20 20060109948 High frequency counter circuit
21 20060109920 OFDM wireless receiver
22 20060109849 System for supporting communications among ATM devices, device for supporting data transmission, method for sending data, and computer program product
23 20060109593 Voltage stabilizer
24 20060109254 Haptic panel apparatus
25 20060109032 Method and apparatus for verifying semiconductor integrated circuits
26 20060108686 Semiconductor device for fingerprint recognition
27 20060108661 Semiconductor device having STI without divot and its manufacture
28 20060108147 Printed wiring board
29 20060107711 Structure of installing information processor
30 20060107513 Method of removing integrated circuit chip package and detachment jig therefor