Fujitsu patent applications published on 26 January 2006

48 US patent applications published on 26 January 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060020871 Communications device and wireless communications system
2 20060020851 Information processing apparatus and error detecting method
3 20060020828 Data restoring method, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium recording data restoring program
4 20060020777 Data processing apparatus
5 20060020776 Multithread processor and register control method
6 20060020751 Medium storage device, cache segment switching method for medium storage device, and medium storage system
7 20060020731 Interrupt control method, interrupt control apparatus and interrupt control medium
8 20060020683 User terminal, server, and data providing method
9 20060020664 Method of managing storage capacity, server and recording medium therefor
10 20060020623 Relation management control program, device, and system
11 20060020576 Search system reusing search condition and the related method
12 20060020460 Voice authentication system
13 20060019675 Technology for controlling wireless communication
14 20060019620 Transmission module
15 20060019608 Communications device, mobile terminal
17 20060019545 Connector unit for differential transmission
18 20060019513 Electronic apparatus with connector of changeable attitude
19 20060019430 Semiconductor device with improved heat dissipation, and a method of making semiconductor device
20 20060019199 Charged particle beam exposure method and charged particle beam exposure device
21 20060019125 Magnetic recording medium and production method thereof as well as magnetic disc device
22 20060019122 Recording medium substrate and recording medium having an electroless plating film with a good film quality
23 20060018665 Route determination method used in optical signal transmission system
24 20060018660 System and method for setting a tunable filter in an optical network
25 20060018652 Image taking device and personal identification system
26 20060018628 Data transmission system
27 20060018529 Mask pattern correction device, method of correcting mask pattern, light exposure correction device, and method of correcting light exposure
28 20060018481 Computer-readable recording medium recording a wireless communication authentication program
29 20060018312 Crossbar
30 20060018296 Mobile communication system and method thereof
31 20060018264 Opened network connection control method, opened network connection control system, connection control unit and recording medium
32 20060018222 Information storage apparatus
33 20060018203 Initializing apparatus, initializing method, computer product, and information processing apparatus
34 20060018087 Electronic device
35 20060018058 Method for stabilizing electronic circuit operation and electronic apparatus using the same
36 20060018006 Optical waveform monitor apparatus and oscilloscope
37 20060017994 Image registration apparatus, display control apparatus, and image server
38 20060017806 Information processing unit
39 20060017748 Apparatus for displaying cross-sectional image and computer product
40 20060017703 Input apparatus
41 20060017674 Liquid crystal display device, method for repairing liquid crystal display device, and method for driving liquid crystal display device
42 20060017661 Method for driving plasma display panel
43 20060017652 Control apparatus of display device, control method and electronic apparatus
44 20060017449 Circuit for detecting difference in capacitance
45 20060017211 Paper-sheet handling apparatus
46 20060017194 Mold, manufacturing method of a mold, manufacturing method of a recording medium and a substrate for such a recording medium
47 20060017181 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device group
48 20060017135 Layout method of decoupling capacitors