Fujitsu patent applications published on 31 August 2006

41 US patent applications published on 31 August 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 20060195892 Appointed meeting system, management device and appointed meeting method
2 20060195890 Authentication setting information notifying system
3 20060195815 Exposure data generator and method thereof
4 20060195800 Apparatus for displaying screen and recording medium recording a program thereof
5 20060195697 Method of supplying power to time-stamping device, security device, and time-correcting device
6 20060195686 Startup program execution method, device, storage medium, and program
7 20060195628 System and method for DMA transfer between FIFOs
8 20060195608 Method and apparatus for distributed processing, and computer product
9 20060195594 Communication system
10 20060195578 Resource allocation method for network area and allocation program therefor, and network system
11 20060195577 Distributed server’s failure response program product, server load balancing device, and server load balancing method
12 20060195466 Information processing system, management device and management method
13 20060195436 Phased migration of database software application
14 20060195419 Device and method for supporting material name setting, and computer product
15 20060195297 Method and apparatus for supporting log analysis
16 20060194573 Method and apparatus for time calibration
17 20060194450 Semiconductor device and fabrication process of semiconductor device
18 20060194124 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and phase shift mask
19 20060193640 Optical signal reception device
20 20060193638 Wavelength dispersion compensation design method and a system thereof
21 20060193605 Image controlling circuit, image controlling method, and computer readable medium, wherein programs to execute the image controlling method on a computer system are stored
22 20060193554 Optical transmission system
23 20060193500 IC card access control method for biometrics authentication, biometrics authentication method, and biometrics authentication device
24 20060193499 Method of registration of authorized agent information for a biometrics authentication device, authentication method for a biometrics authentication device, and biometrics authentication device
25 20060193416 Data output method, data output apparatus and communication system
26 20060193399 Optical communication device
27 20060193381 Moving-image distributing apparatus, moving-image distributing system, and computer product
28 20060193372 System and method for generating shaped ultrawide bandwidth wavelets
29 20060193254 Data output method, data output apparatus, communication system and computer program product
30 20060193253 Radio base station
31 20060192866 Recording and reproducing device
32 20060192781 Character image generating apparatus, character image generating method, display control apparatus, display control method and computer-readable recording medium recorded character image generation program or display control program thereon
33 20060192779 Hidden line processing method for erasing hidden lines in projecting a three-dimensional model consisting of a plurality of polygons onto a two-dimensional plane
34 20060192732 Plasma display panel and imaging device using the same
35 20060192636 Surface acoustic wave filter
36 20060192543 Early effect cancelling circuit, differential amplifier, linear regulator, and early effect canceling method
37 20060192488 Plasma display panel
38 20060192293 Electronic device, standoff member, and method of manufacturing electronic device
39 20060192231 Field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
40 20060191776 Switch lock apparatus, portable computer, and electronic apparatus
41 20060191698 Housing cage for holding built-in modules