Fujitsu patents granted on 01 June 2010

37 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,730,503 Dividing device in disc accommodation section in disc changer
2 7,730,502 Disc changer having disc discharge mechanism
3 7,730,444 Structural analysis method employing finite element method
4 7,730,342 Server system
5 7,730,232 Data transfer method and system
6 7,730,229 Determining an aggreagated active/standby state for an interface unit form entity active/standby states
7 7,729,896 Cycle simulation method, cycle simulator, and computer product
8 7,729,619 Dispersion compensation controlling apparatus and method for searching for amount of dispersion control
9 7,729,588 Optical fiber, manufacturing method of the same, and optical amplifier
10 7,729,580 Waveguide type optical device and manufacturing method of the waveguide type optical device
11 7,729,568 Optical device having stress layer inducing refraction index variation in a partial region of a substrate by photoelastic effect
12 7,729,543 Imaging apparatus
13 7,729,536 Boundary extracting method, program, and device using the same
14 7,729,518 Biometrics authentication method biometrics authentication device and blood vessel image reading device
15 7,729,516 Ranging device utilizing image processing
16 7,729,405 Communication device and communication method
17 7,729,354 Node and control method thereof
18 7,729,320 Mobile radio system and mobile radio control method
19 7,729,266 Network load detection system, method, apparatus, and program
20 7,729,250 Bandwidth control device and bandwidth control method
21 7,729,248 Scheduler having queue for scheduling transmission of items from a station in a wireless network
22 7,729,200 Memory device, memory controller and memory system
23 7,729,181 Semiconductor storage device using a bitline GND sensing scheme for a reduced real estate of pre-sense amplifier
24 7,729,129 Mounting device for high frequency microwave devices
25 7,729,125 Electrical circuit module
26 7,729,025 Color image compressing method and device
27 7,728,905 Image capturing apparatus having an image capturing system disposed close to an illumination system
28 7,728,792 Mesh-pattern partitioned plasma display panel
29 7,728,733 RFID tag and RFID tag production method
30 7,728,665 Distortion compensation apparatus and method
31 7,728,418 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
32 7,728,370 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
33 7,728,305 Apparatus having an input device and a display, method of controlling apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
34 7,728,065 Material for forming exposure light-blocking film, multilayer interconnection structure and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
35 7,727,843 Semiconductor element, semiconductor storage device using the same, data writing method thereof, data reading method thereof, and manufacturing method of those
36 7,726,864 Light-guiding plate, lighting device and display device
37 7,726,198 Strain sensor