Fujitsu patents granted on 01 March 2016

31 US patents granted on 01 March 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,277,659 Information apparatus and link mechanism of information apparatus
2 9,277,648 Printed wiring board and information processing apparatus
3 9,277,537 Method for triggering aperiodic sounding reference symbol, base station and user equipment
4 9,277,479 Wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus
5 9,277,474 Wireless communication system, mobile station, base station, and communication method
6 9,277,414 Wireless communication system, base station, and mobile station
7 9,277,388 Wireless communication device, wireless communication network system, information processing method, and recording medium recording information processing program
8 9,277,299 Line switching device
9 9,276,837 Route setting apparatus, route setting method, and network system
10 9,276,824 Access control method, server device, and storage device
11 9,276,799 Wireless transmission apparatus and distortion compensation method
12 9,276,733 Signal reproduction circuit, signal reproduction system, and signal reproduction method
13 9,276,697 Network evaluation apparatus and network evaluation method
14 9,276,660 Control apparatus, control method, and wireless communication system
15 9,276,561 Integrated circuit process and bias monitors and related methods
16 9,276,536 Amplification apparatus
17 9,276,533 Distortion compensation apparatus and method
18 9,276,439 Power supply system, power transmitter, and power receiver
19 9,276,322 Antenna device and mobile phone
20 9,276,162 Semiconductor photodetector and method for manufacturing the same
21 9,276,100 Semiconductor device having a gate recess structure
22 9,276,072 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
23 9,275,183 Apparatus and method for aiding in designing electronic circuits
24 9,274,925 Programmable symbolic execution based dynamic checker
25 9,274,827 Data processing apparatus, transmitting apparatus, transmission control method, scheduling method, and computer product
26 9,274,593 Change the destination physical machine information such that the destination candidate of the certain virtual machine includes at least a physical machine belonging to the second physical machine group
27 9,274,565 Hinge device and electronic apparatus using that hinge device
28 9,274,284 Wavelength selective switch and method for correcting deviation of wavelength
29 9,274,206 Wireless device, control method, recording medium, and display method
30 9,274,166 Pin verification device and method
31 9,272,898 Electric device and method of manufacturing the same