Fujitsu patents granted on 01 May 2012

49 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE43,342 Mobile communication system enabling efficient use of small-zone base stations
2 8,171,519 Video broadcasting method, apparatus, and system
3 8,171,496 Program evaluation program, program evaluation device, and program evaluation method
4 8,171,484 Resource management apparatus and radio network controller
5 8,171,465 Applicable patch selection device and applicable patch selection method
6 8,171,446 Method for designing a semiconductor device by computing a number of vias, program therefor, and semiconductor device
7 8,171,444 Layout design method, apparatus and storage medium
8 8,171,439 Warning device and warning method
9 8,171,374 LDPC check matrix generation method, check matrix generator, and code retransmission method
10 8,171,366 Method of retransmission control in wireless relay system, wireless relay station, and wireless base station
11 8,171,363 Method and device for counting transmission times of data unit, transmission device, and computer program
12 8,171,355 Data transferring method, and communication system and program applied with the method
13 8,171,344 System, method and computer readable storage medium for troubleshooting
14 8,171,320 Information processing apparatus, operation control method and operation control program storage medium
15 8,171,259 Multi-cluster dynamic reconfigurable circuit for context valid processing of data by clearing received data with added context change indicative signal
16 8,171,248 Storage system controlling method, switch device and storage system
17 8,171,243 Data control apparatus, data control method, and data control program
18 8,171,212 Data processing apparatus and data processing program storage medium
19 8,171,210 Semiconductor memory, operating method of semiconductor memory, and system
20 8,171,183 Information processing apparatus and program and method for setting identification information
21 8,171,029 Automatic generation of ontologies using word affinities
22 8,170,630 Mobile terminal device
23 8,170,622 Mobile communication network system and location registration method
24 8,170,416 Optical switching device
25 8,170,415 Physical wiring control device, physical wiring control method, and computer product
26 8,170,368 Correcting device and method for perspective transformed document images
27 8,170,208 Image decrypting apparatus, image encrypting apparatus, and image decrypting method
28 8,170,199 Echo canceller
29 8,170,149 OFDM receiver apparatus
30 8,170,061 Communication device
31 8,170,057 Communication-processing apparatus and its method
32 8,170,029 Intermittent communication system, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus
33 8,169,997 Communication system including a base station and terminal devices each using an up-link line allocated by the base station
34 8,169,971 Base station apparatus, communication control system, communication control method, and inter-station control method
35 8,169,788 Printed board and printed-board-receiving structure
36 8,169,737 Tape library apparatus
37 8,169,543 Image conversion device and method for converting a field image into a frame image
38 8,169,505 Image management apparatus for displaying images based on geographical environment
39 8,169,433 Apparatus and method for three-dimensional model retrieval
40 8,169,407 KVM switch and method of controlling the same
41 8,169,348 Parallel-serial converter circuit
42 8,169,347 Parallel-to-serial converter and parallel data output device
43 8,169,339 Traffic situation display method, traffic situation display system, in-vehicle device, and computer program
44 8,169,310 Method for reflecting configuration values of drive recorder
45 8,169,075 Electronic part with affixed MEMS
46 8,169,051 Semiconductor device including capacitor element and method of manufacturing the same
47 8,169,017 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
48 8,168,532 Method of manufacturing a multilayer interconnection structure in a semiconductor device
49 8,168,471 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device