Fujitsu patents granted on 01 November 2016

38 US patents granted on 01 November 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,485,868 Package structure
2 9,485,739 Interference control method, interference control apparatus, and wireless communication system
3 9,485,717 Measurement request and response for reception quality based notified cell identification
4 9,485,706 Management apparatus and method for identifying candidate for improving communication quality; apparatus and method for identifying communication path; non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing such programs; and wireless communication system
5 9,485,705 Transmission control method and transmission control apparatus
6 9,485,676 Wireless communication device and method for searching for bypass route in wireless network
7 9,485,644 Base station device, wireless communication system, and method of controlling base station device
8 9,485,572 Sound processing device, sound processing method, and program
9 9,485,554 Methods and systems for using modulation frequencies for optical channel monitoring with periodic optical filtering
10 9,485,336 Waterproof structure and electronic apparatus
11 9,485,189 Transfer device, and transfer method
12 9,485,172 Data transmitting device, data transmitting method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
13 9,485,167 Communication device and address learning method
14 9,485,107 System and method for distributed internet group management protocol processing
15 9,485,067 Pilot arrangement method in mobile radio communication system and transmitter/receiver adopting same
16 9,485,019 Methods and systems for optical channel monitoring with periodic optical filtering of dual polarization signals
17 9,485,014 Transmission apparatus, transmission system, and failure detection method
18 9,484,819 Regulator device
19 9,483,841 Travel amount estimation device and travel amount estimating method
20 9,483,818 Bleed-through detection method and bleed-through detection apparatus
21 9,483,710 Image processing apparatus and method
22 9,483,683 Alignment apparatus, alignment method, and alignment computer program
23 9,483,578 Computer-readable storage medium storing update program, update method, and update device
24 9,483,523 Information processing apparatus, distributed processing system, and distributed processing method
25 9,483,502 Computational processing device including request holding units each provided for each type of commands, information processing device including request holding units each provided for each type of commands, and method of controlling information processing device
26 9,483,418 Storage system, virtualization control apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method for controlling storage system
27 9,483,384 Generation of software test code
28 9,483,380 Parameterized states in symbolic execution for software testing
29 9,483,371 Storage system, control apparatus, computer product, and control method
30 9,483,320 Computing apparatus, method of controlling computing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium having program for controlling computing apparatus stored therein to move processes to a same processor core for execution
31 9,483,319 Job scheduling apparatus and method therefor
32 9,483,262 Apparatus and method for identifying correspondence between an installed program and an interface in a source code
33 9,483,244 Compiling method and compiling device
34 9,483,211 Storage control apparatus, storage control method, and computer-readable recording medium having stored storage control program
35 9,483,101 Multicore processor system and power control method
36 9,483,093 Electronic device and method for controlling a setting of a maximum consumption current
37 9,482,543 Path searching method and path search device
38 9,482,385 Pivoting equipment mounting bracket