Fujitsu patents granted on 02 April 2013

44 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE44,131 Storage device having function for coping with computer virus
2 8,413,211 Access control policy compliance check process
3 8,413,133 Software update management apparatus and software update management method
4 8,412,983 Memory test circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and memory test method
5 8,412,960 Recording-medium storing power consumption reduction support program, information processing device, and power consumption reduction support method
6 8,412,886 Cache controller and control method for controlling access requests to a cache shared by plural threads that are simultaneously executed
7 8,412,765 Communication device control program, communication device and communication device control method
8 8,412,761 Single precision floating-point data storing method and processor
9 8,412,737 Semi-structured data retrieval method, and structured date retrieval device
10 8,412,670 Apparatus, method, and program for integrating information
11 8,412,506 Electromagnetic field simulation apparatus and computer readable storage medium storing electromagnetic field simulation program
12 8,412,505 Decentralized simulation system, method for identifying simulators and simulation models
13 8,412,494 Optimal solution relation display apparatus and optimal solution relation display method
14 8,412,184 Communication switching method in communication system
15 8,412,047 Polarization multiplexed light transmitter and control method thereof
16 8,412,045 Propagation apparatus and dispersion value setting method
17 8,412,038 Optical transmission device, optical transmission system including the same, and optical transmission method
18 8,411,976 Image data compression apparatus, decompression apparatus, compressing method, decompressing method, and storage medium
19 8,411,972 Information processing device, method, and program
20 8,411,836 Forwarding apparatus, telephone server, forwarding method, and forwarding system
21 8,411,782 Parallel generation and matching of a deskew channel
22 8,411,739 Bitstream conversion method, bitstream conversion apparatus, bitstream connecting apparatus, bitstream splitting program, bitstream conversion program, and bitstream connecting program
23 8,411,623 Wireless communication method and communication apparatus
24 8,411,606 System and method for incorporating a low power mode in wireless communication
25 8,411,602 Radio communication apparatus
26 8,411,484 Semiconductor memory device and method of writing into the same
27 8,411,426 Information processing device and display device
28 8,411,197 Image pickup device and production method thereof
29 8,411,119 Printer module including movable blade module and fixed blade module
30 8,411,084 Analysis model generation program, analysis model generation apparatus, analysis model generating method, and method for manufacturing apparatus with analysis model generating method
31 8,411,010 Cholesteric liquid crystal display device including a voltage stabilization part surpressing variations in output voltage
32 8,410,984 Electronic apparatus
33 8,410,805 Electric field detection probe, method thereof, and manufacturing method of circuit board
34 8,410,767 Control circuit of DC-DC converter applying offset to coil current, DC-DC converter applying offset to coil current and control method of DC-DC converter
35 8,410,616 Method of processing resist, semiconductor device, and method of producing the same
36 8,410,613 Semiconductor device having groove-shaped pattern
37 8,410,550 Breakdown voltage MOS semiconductor device
38 8,410,533 Semiconductor device and method for producing same
39 8,409,983 Chemical vapor deposition apparatus, film forming method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
40 8,409,958 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
41 8,409,931 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
42 8,409,913 Semiconductor device and method for producing same
43 8,409,786 Pattern forming method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
44 8,408,356 Storage box for electronic apparatus