Fujitsu patents granted on 02 August 2016

31 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,408,333 Method of controlling adsorption heat pump, information processing system, and control device
2 9,408,228 Method and apparatus for uplink interference avoidance in case of timing advance group reconfiguration
3 9,408,192 Radio communication system, mobile station, base station, and method for controlling radio communication system
4 9,408,119 Wireless access system, base station, and communication terminal
5 9,408,117 Base station device, handover controlling method, and radio communication system
6 9,408,088 Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
7 9,407,934 Image evaluation apparatus and method
8 9,407,791 Information processing apparatus and computer-readable storage medium storing program for interpolating an input color
9 9,407,730 Relay apparatus, relay control method, and recording medium having relay control program recorded therein
10 9,407,649 Log analysis device and method
11 9,407,552 Device and system for preventing congestion in ad-hoc network
12 9,407,531 Communication system
13 9,407,471 Adaptive equalizer tap coefficient correction method and optical receiver
14 9,407,468 Channel estimating apparatus, channel estimating method, base station, and communication system
15 9,407,396 Wavelength multiplexing apparatus and method
16 9,407,350 Radio communication system, base station, relay station, and radio communication method
17 9,406,586 Cooling jacket and electronic device having the same
18 9,406,567 Method for fabricating multiple transistor devices on a substrate with varying threshold voltages
19 9,406,366 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling semiconductor memory device
20 9,406,311 Encoding method, encoding apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
21 9,406,151 Non-transitory computer-readable medium storing data storage program, non-transitory computer-readable medium storing data display program, data storage method, and data display method
22 9,405,956 Image processing apparatus and method
23 9,405,946 Judgment apparatus, judgment system, and judgment method
24 9,405,819 Efficient indexing using compact decision diagrams
25 9,405,629 Information processing system, method for controlling information processing system, and storage medium
26 9,405,559 Efficient method of decoupling the downloading of a memory map and execution of a utility program contained in the memory map
27 9,405,470 Data processing system and data processing method
28 9,405,182 Image processing device and image processing method
29 9,405,081 Optical transmitting apparatus
30 9,404,765 On-vehicle display apparatus
31 9,403,483 Vehicle image processing apparatus and vehicle image processing method