Fujitsu patents granted on 02 December 2008

34 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,461,294 Information processing apparatus, software renewal method for the same, program carrier signal and storage media
2 7,461,278 Power control of remote apparatus via network
3 7,461,212 Non-inclusive cache system with simple control operation
4 7,461,194 Apparatus for interconnecting a plurality of process nodes by serial bus
5 7,461,114 Fourier transform apparatus
6 7,460,987 GPS satellite simulation system
7 7,460,789 Optical transmission system and method of controlling optical transmission system
8 7,460,744 Ring type optical transmission system and optical apparatus connected to same
9 7,460,630 Device and method for synchronous data transmission using reference signal
10 7,460,599 Video decoding device and method, and program product therefor
11 7,460,416 Voltage supply circuit and semiconductor memory
12 7,460,331 Seek control method, seek control device and medium storage device
13 7,460,330 Settling judgment method for positioning control device and positioning control device
14 7,460,327 Magnetic disk apparatus
15 7,460,322 Magnetic transferring apparatus
16 7,460,182 Circuit for processing video signal including information such as caption
17 7,460,128 Image drawing apparatus
18 7,460,097 Semiconductor integrated circuit for driving liquid crystal panel
19 7,460,088 Plasma display apparatus
20 7,459,992 Acoustic wave filter and acoustic wave duplexer
21 7,459,960 Semiconductor integrated circuit device, and adjustment method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
22 7,459,361 Semiconductor device with ferroelectric capacitor and fabrication method thereof
23 7,459,331 Micro mirror unit and method of making the same
24 7,459,244 Mask, method for forming a pattern, and method for evaluating pattern line width
25 7,459,221 Magnetic film composed of a first alloy film including iron and platinum or iron and palladium
26 7,459,097 Method of forming a conductive pattern
27 7,459,096 Method of making magnetic recording medium and die therefor
28 7,458,871 Gas discharge panel production method
29 7,458,853 Connector device having a ground shield device
30 7,458,518 Loop antenna and electronic equipment including loop antenna
31 7,458,513 IC card reading apparatus and its related method
32 7,458,511 Access device for data-holding body and electronic equipment incorporating the access device
33 7,458,254 Apparatus for evaluating piezoelectric film, and method for evaluating piezoelectric film
34 7,458,149 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same